Product Safety

Snap-on is committed to the safety of all users of our products. This commitment begins with design and manufacture of products that meet and exceed all applicable safety standards but it goes far beyond that.

  • Our tools and equipment are marked with important WARNINGS and safety messages that guide safe use.
  • We provide detailed Instructions for proper and safe use when needed.
  • We have the right variety of tools and equipment so that you can use the right tool for each job.
  • We offer a wide variety of safety equipment to protect you at times when you need to be in harm’s way.

The Product Safety Recalls, Product Safety Advisories, and Product Safety Retrofits relate to actions necessary to ensure safe use of products already in use.

PLEASE REVIEW and TAKE the prescribed ACTION, if applicable, to a product that you own or use.

Product Safety Reminders

Product Safety Reminders Archive

Rechargeable Lithium battery powered lights are available in many convenient configurations and sizes. They are unmatched for convenience and variety. There are, however, some safety points to follow for safe use.

  • Never shine the light directly into your eyes or shine it into someone else’s eyes. The brightness can cause vision damage if misused in this manner.
  • Do not leave the light on if it is resting on a surface with the light shining against the surface. The energy of the light that is “trapped” against the adjacent surface can increase the temperature to the extent that damage, or a fire, can occur.