Snap-on Cloud Getting Started

To use the Snap-on Cloud, you'll need to:

Have a Snap-on Technician Profile, with a diagnostic tool added (linked) to it

   Link (opens in new tab):

North America - Technician Profile Help
Have current software installed.
Connect your diagnostic tool to a Wi-Fi network, see Wi-Fi Help (opens in new tab).


Video Tutorial (applicable TRITON, APOLLO, MODIS and SOLUS tools) - Getting Started with the Snap-on Cloud (opens in new tab)

Find your authorization codes
Setup your Technician Profile
Link your diagnostic tool to your Technician Profile
View Code Scan (Pre/Post Scan - Vehicle System Reports) from the Cloud
Share reports via text & email

Important Information

Wi-Fi connection is required to upload data and reports to the Snap-on Cloud. If the device is not connected to a Wi-Fi network when the reports are generated, they will not be sent to your account.
Navigation and menu options will vary by device and/or operating system (PC, mobile, etc). Some menu selections may be grayed out or not shown, indicating the option is not supported on your device/system. Some menu options shown in these instructions may be not be available on your device.
The Snap-on Cloud is continuously monitored for inappropriate content. Abuse (as determined by moderator) will result in account deactivation.