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Your hub for all of the latest information and technical advice for Snap-on diagnostic tools.

Snap-on News Releases

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Snap-on Latest Software Upgrade First to Add Genesis Vehicle Coverage

Professional service technicians with the latest Snap-on® software upgrade can now work on Genesis® vehicles, a first for an advanced aftermarket diagnostic tool.

Snap-on Offers New Customer Training for Fast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics Tools

Technicians are invited to join Al McCaskey, Snap-on® national trainer, for online training sessions that will help them get up to speed with their new Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics tools, including ZEUS®, TRITON D-10™ and APOLLO-D9™.

Join Snap-on Every Tuesday for Free Diagnostic Training Sessions

Professional technicians of all levels are invited to join Snap-on Diagnostics National Trainer Jason Gabrenas for live online training sessions every Tuesday that cover a variety of industry topics on a rotating schedule.

Snap-on Technical Focus Articles

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Throttle Motor Control Systems

There are many systems and functions in the modern motor vehicle that require a method of controlling and reversing the electrical polarity of a circuit. The most common process is controlling the direction of rotation of a motor, e.g. electric window motor, electric power steering motor, electronic throttle control motor, etc.

Toyota Prius High Voltage System Fault

This Toyota Prius had malfunction warning lights illuminated and two faults relating to the High Voltage System stored.Intermittently the vehicle would not enter “Ready Mode”. See how this Prius was put back into ‘Ready’ mode…

Brake Light Brilliance

This vehicle had a bulb failure warning light illuminated on the instrument cluster and the brake light on the right-hand side of the vehicle appeared to be lighting at full brilliance at all times.