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Your hub for all of the latest information and technical advice for Snap-on diagnostic tools.

Snap-on News Releases

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Snap-on Diagnostics - 2020 People's Choice Awards

Snap-on® has received three People’s Choice Awards in the 2020 Professional Tool & Equipment News (PTEN) Innovation Award program.

Snap-on Offers New Customer Training for Intelligent Diagnostics Tools

Technicians are invited to join Al McCaskey, Snap-on® national trainer, for online training sessions that will help them get up to speed with their new Intelligent Diagnostics tools, including ZEUS®, TRITON D8® and APOLLO-D9™.

APOLLO-D9 Training Modules Added to Snap-on Website

To help professional technicians navigate the features and functionality of the new APOLLO-D9™ diagnostic tool, Snap-on® has added eight Training Solutions videos to its website at that can be viewed free-of-charge.

Snap-on Technical Focus Articles

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Multiple Freeze Frame Data

See what was happening before and after the code was set thanks to a handy feature on Snap-on scan tools.

Ford Focus DPF Issue

There are many different ways to diagnose ignition problems on a vehicle using a Snap-on lab scope.

PID (Parameter Identification) Trigger Function

A very handy feature of the diagnostic software on your Snap-on scan tool is the parameter identification (PID) trigger function. You can set minimum and maximum values and if your data goes outside of those the PID trigger function will automatically save it for you so you can see it later.