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Your hub for all of the latest information and technical advice for Snap-on diagnostic tools.

Snap-on News Releases

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Snap-on Offers Interactive Accessories Catalog

The Snap-on® interactive accessories catalog contains all of the products that professional technicians need to make their Snap-on diagnostic tools more powerful to maximize capabilities, improve productivity and increase profits.

Snap-on Makes Significant New Coverage Available

Technicians don’t need to look any further than the latest Snap-on software to help them achieve faster and smarter fixes for complete and confident repairs, which results in satisfied customers.

Snap-on Increases European Coverage in Latest Software Upgrade

Understanding European cars can be complicated, so technicians need their diagnostic tools to be current, delivering clear and accurate information. With the newest European coverage from Snap-on®, technicians get what they need to embrace the full potential of their diagnostic platforms.

Snap-on Technical Focus Articles

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48 Volt Electrical System Class

Take a look at our 2-minute 48 Volt Electrical System Class here!

Fuel Pump Progress - Brushless Motor

The rise in demand for ‘high-tech’ vehicles has challenged engineers to rethink and create more sophisticated internal systems which promote efficiency. The humble motor is a great example of this with many vehicle manufacturers now using brushless direct current (DC) motors in automotive applications. The brushless motor has many advantages when compared to conventional ‘brushed motors’ but whilst more efficient, the commutation control of the brushless motor is more complex. Take a look at the article to learn more.

Volvo XC60 Medium Speed CAN Bus Failure

This article describes to technicians how a relatively simple fault became slightly more complicated to rectify when a component with different operating parameters was fitted. Damien Coleman will guide you through how to resolve the issue quickly and effectively by further investigation and testing, using a Snap-on diagnostic tool.