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Your hub for all of the latest information and technical advice for Snap-on diagnostic tools.

Snap-on News Releases

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Technical Focus After the Repair – Are We Done? Post Repair Workflow

The job isn’t done until you’ve validated your work. Are you certain you’ve completed every job? Modern vehicles require repair validation and the procedure is OEM and system dependent. Find out how using a Snap-on® scan tool makes the process easy and helps you become your customer’s hero.

Snap-on Approved for Direct Access to Nissan Secured Gateway Vehicles

Snap-on® announces it has been approved by Nissan for direct access to their vehicle gateway module from Snap-on scan tools. The ability to work with Nissan secure systems is available on Snap-on Wi-Fi enabled products operating the latest software.The Snap-on Security Link™ solution provides diagnostic platform owners a uniform method to access secured vehicle systems from their diagnostic tool gateway modules.

Latest Snap-on Software Release Puts the Power Inside the Diagnostic Platform

Latest Snap-on Software Release Puts the Power Inside the Diagnostic Platform. The spring software release from Snap-on drives unparalleled confidence from the moment a Snap-on scan tool is turned on with its general and collision repair coverage and industry exclusive features for domestic, Asian and European vehicles. Not only does the latest software include new coverage, guided component tests and features, but it also contains everything from previous releases for smarter fixes that lead to complete repairs and satisfied customers.

Media Alert: Register Now for Snap-on Spring Software Introduction Webinars

With the release of the Snap-on® spring software on Monday, April 1, Jason Gabrenas, diagnostic expert and national field sales trainer will host free training webinars to highlight the new features and coverage added to the software update as well as walk through some practical demonstrations live.

Snap-on Technical Focus Articles

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Cam and Crank - The Synchronized Partnership

The most famous partnership in the 4-stroke engine world is the camshaft and the crankshaft. They form a synchronized partnership that produces the most power with the highest efficiency. In this Technical focus article, learn how to test a cam and crank position sensor and if they're in sync.

The Comfort Zone - Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

With today’s technology, HVAC work can be one of the most profitable types of work a shop or a tech can do. However, it can also be highly subject to a comeback if not serviced thoroughly, and a comeback is the biggest “profit killer” there is. The only thing worse than a comeback is they don’t ever come back!

After The Repair - Are We Done? Post Repair Workflow

If you think you're done with a car just because you fixed the issue, think again! Learn quickly about the importance of post repair workflow!