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Your hub for all of the latest information and technical advice for Snap-on diagnostic tools.

Snap-on News Releases

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Your Essential Guide To SureTrack® 

SureTrack® is an expert information system designed to provide diagnostic repair tips and real fixes based on the vehicle symptom or fault code. It allows you to see repair tips and verified parts replacement records for similar vehicles and problems. It’s like having an experienced tech by your side. SureTrack® information is provided in two main categories: Top Repairs and Real Fixes. 

Snap-on Adds ZEUS+™ and SOLUS+™ to the Diagnostics Tool Matcher Webpage

Snap-on® has updated the diagnostics tool matcher feature on its website with the addition of the new ZEUS+™ car diagnostic tool and information system and the latest product to be released, the SOLUS+™ scan tool. Professional technicians can use the feature to find the best diagnostic platform for their specific needs.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) History

DPF stands for diesel particulate filter and it plays an important role in diesel engines. DPFs are designed to trap and store particulate matter, such as soot, that is produced by the diesel engine during normal driving. The DPF allows exhaust gases with particulate material to enter the DPF where the soot is trapped inside the filter, allowing cleaner exhaust gases to exit into the atmosphere, which then reduces the exhaust emissions from the engine.

Your Guide to Snap-on® Diagnostic Health Scan Reports

Running a Health Scan provides assurance to a vehicle owner of the vehicle’s state before and after repairs. Since numerous vehicle systems may not display issues through warning lights or by displaying a message on the Diagnostic Information Center of the vehicle, the Health Scan becomes essential in detecting hidden problems. Here is how Snap-on's Diagnostic Health Scans can help you...

Snap-on Technical Focus Articles

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Unlocking Potential: Preparing Independent Shops For ADAS

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are revolutionizing road safety, but maintenance and calibration of these systems are vital for optimal performance. ️Times are changing! Independent shops are now equipped with the training and tools to perform ADAS calibrations independently.  In this article: We look at why this shift is happening and the benefits ADAS work brings to both independent shops and your customers to ensure you're not turning business away unnecessarily.

ADAS Calibrations - Dynamic and Static

Do you know what ADAS calibration is? There are three main methods of ADAS calibration: Static calibration, Dynamic Calibration, and Initialization. Furthermore, there are ADAS calibration tools, such as a diagnostic scan tool and proper calibration target that need to be taken into account. Learn about OEM procedures for ADAS calibration and more in the latest tech focus article.

DPF Regeneration: A Comprehensive Guide

Keep your customers diesel engine running smoothly with our expert DPF regeneration guide. Learn between passive, active or manual methods.