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Fall 2020 Vehicle Diagnostic Tool Software | OBD Scanner Software

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Vehicle Diagnostic Tool Software Coverage


Snap-on is always connected with the needs of its customers as is illustrated by its revolutionary car diagnostics product development, engineered repair information solutions and dedicated support that have repeatedly redefined the automotive service industry.

A Snap-on vehicle diagnostic tool is always ready to serve with unparalleled general and collision repair OBD scanner coverage. Coverage, and the features to fully leverage it, is key and that's where software comes in.

Snap-on is tapped into customers' needs and has delivered leading edge, innovative OBD scanner software and diagnostics platforms for more than 35 years.


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  Snap-on Vehicle Diagnostic Tool Coverage Highlights*
  • Vehicle Diagnostic Tool Update for Model Year 2021: Acura®, Alfa Romeo®, Audi®, BMW®, Chrysler®, Dodge®, FIAT®, Ford®, Honda®, Jaguar®, Jeep®, Kia®, Lincoln®, Mercedes-Benz®, MINI®, Porsche®, RAM®, VW®
  • Expanded Code Scan and Clear Codes for Model Year 2022
  • Motorcycle Update for Model Year 2021: BMW, Ducati®, Harley-Davidson®, Honda, Indian®, Kawasaki®, Suzuki®, Yamaha®
  • 2002-2009 Mercedes-Benz CLK: Codes, data and special functions for the Electronic Ignition Switch and the Seat/Door systems
  • 2008-2015 BMW F Series: Initialize Rain/Light Sensor special functions
  • 2017-2021 Lincoln Continental: Special functions added to 5 Body and Drivetrain systems
  • 2020-2021 Lexus® LC500c: Codes, data and special functions for the Roof (convertible top) ECU
  • 2021 Ford: Module Reprogramming or PMI (Programmable Module Initialization) for 28 modules
  • 2021 GM®: Freeze Frame data for select 3.0L and 6.2L engines
  • 2021 Toyota® Sienna: Codes, data and special functions for the Power Sliding Doors
  • All Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics platforms will now have access to 9 motorcycle makes - accelerate motorcycle maintenance tasks with special functions like brake bleeding, service light resets, compression tests and fuel tank drain
  • Subaru: ADAS Codes, data, relearns and recalibrations added for the Rear Vehicle Detection and Back and Side Radar
  New Features for Snap-on Vehicle Diagnostic Scanners*
  • Component Test Meter (CTM) classes can now be found easily in the main menu under Training and Support
  • Live Vehicle Battery Voltage reading on Fast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics platforms makes it easy to know when it is ready to perform tests
  • Platforms that use ShopStream Connect™ for software updates will have a dedicated on-tool page that links to the relevant download information
  • When techs log mileage and license plate it will be saved into the platform history
  Snap-on Vehicle Diagnostic Scanner Software Purchase Options*
  • Basic Upgrade
  • PrePaid Plan - 1 year
  • PrePaid Plan - 3 year
  • Subscription

See here for more purchase option details

  Snap-on Software Upgrades and Service Releases

If you are a software subscriber, purchased a prepaid plan or participated in a free software offer, you are eligible to perform your own software installation on your Snap-on diagnostic tool by downloading your software online. Click here for instruction.

  Coverage Flyers

* Visit your scan tool page and see the feature enhancements available specifically for your diagnostic tool.



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