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Vehicle Diagnostic Tool Software Coverage


Snap-on has delivered leading edge, innovative car diagnostic tools and software for more than 35 years. 

Snap-on is in touch with your needs.  It develops revolutionary car diagnostics products and repair information solutions to repeatedly redefine car diagnostics. 

A Snap-on car diagnostic tool is always ready to serve with unparalleled general and collision repair coverage. Vehicle coverage, and features that super charge it, are key and that is where being up to date with your software comes in.  

If your car diagnostic tool is out of date because the software is old, working on cars will take longer and cost you money. You purchased the best diagnostic tool available – maintain it so it is as good as the day you bought it to make sure you can see anything that pulls into your bay. 


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  Snap-on Vehicle Diagnostic Tool Coverage Highlights*


2023 Model Year Updates 
Genesis®, GM®, Hyundai®, Infiniti®,
Land Rover®, Lexus®, Mazda®, Mitsubishi®, Nissan®, Subaru®, Toyota®, Volvo®

2023 Code Scan And Clear – All Models! 


2022+ MDX® 3.0L AWD Engine System
Codes, Data, Functional Tests and
Special Functions

2022+ Civic® 2.0L Turbo and Civic® Si
1.5L Turbo – Engine System Codes, Data,
Functional Tests and Special Functions

2018+ Forrester® Electronic Parking Brake Codes, Data and Maintenance Mode


New Engine Control Module Variants
2022 F150® Lightning and Transit Electric
2021 Ranger® and Transit®
2015 – 2019 F250® Engine Static DPF Regeneration
2020 – 2022 F250® Engine Static DPF Regeneration and Dynamic DPF Regeneration
2015 – 2020 F350® Cruise Control Module Radar Dynamic Calibration
2009 – 2014 F350® Engine (6.7L Diesel) Relative Compression Test and Programmable Module Installation (PMI)
2009 – 2014 F150® XL (5.0L) Engine Relearn Engine Data, Misfire Testing and Programmable Module Installation; Anti-lock Brakes Interactive Vehicle Dynamics Initialization Sequence
2010 – 2018 Focus Engine Special Functions and Programmable Module Installation (2.0L/23kWh)

2021 Navigator® and Nautilus® New Engine Control Module Variants

2009 – 2019 RAM® 1500 Engine New ECU Variants
2019+ RAM® 1500 Engine New ECU Variants
2021 ProMaster® Codes, Data and Functional Tests Driver Assist System Module and Forward Facing Camera Module


Alfa Romeo®
2018+ Stelvio® Adaptive Cruise Control Front Radar Calibration, Transmission Adaptations, Body Control Module Special Functions
2017+ Giulia® Transmission Adaptations

New Engine Variants: Hybrid – DPAA 2.0L TFSI, DMSA 2.0L TFSI, DLGA 2.0L TFSI and DJPB 4.0L Petrol; Diesel – DFSA 2.0L
2020+ e-Tron Quattro® New Powertrain
2009 A4® and 2020+ A3® Two NewTransmission Variants
2009 A4® – New Transmission Variant
2016+ Q7® – New Brake Control Module Variant
2018+ A6® – New Variants for Brake Control Module, Electronic Parking Brake and Back-up Camera

2007 – 2013 X5®: Power Management – Evaluate Battery Charge State and Evaluate Closed Circuit Current Monitoring; Air Conditioning – Run in protection for A/C Compressor
2014+ 2 Series® Vertical Dynamics Module Special Functions
2008+ 7 Series®: Central Gateway FlexRay® Initializationsand Head-up Display (HUD) settings; LED Headlights Special Functions

2009 – 2016 500L Brake Control Hydraulic Modulator Inlet and Outlet Valves Actuator Tests

2013 – 2020 S Class® Front Signal Acquisition Module (SAM) Battery Registering Procedure
2002 – 2009 CLK® – Electronic Ignition Switch (EIS) Special Functions

New Engine Variants: Hybrid – DPAA 2.0L TFSI, DMSA 2.0L TFSI, DLGA 2.0L TFSI and DJPB 4.0L Petrol; Diesel – DFSA 2.0L
2013 – 2021 Golf® New Battery Energy Control Module and Drive Motor Control Module Systems

Acura®, Audi®, Honda®, Jeep®, Lexus®, RAM®, Toyota®, Volkswagen®

  New Features for Snap-on Vehicle Diagnostic Scanners*
  • Improved SureTrack® Top Repairs and Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics on-tool content organization and visuals in tips

  • More Guided Component Test location images plus larger and sharper connector diagrams 


  • ZEUS+® has an enhanced battery indicator for better battery level viewing


  Snap-on Vehicle Diagnostic Scanner Software Purchase Options*
  • Basic Upgrade
  • PrePaid Plan - 1 year
  • PrePaid Plan - 3 year
  • Subscription

See here for more purchase option details

  Snap-on Software Upgrades and Service Releases

If you are a software subscriber, purchased a prepaid plan or participated in a free software offer, you are eligible to perform your own software installation on your Snap-on diagnostic tool by downloading your software online. Click here for instruction.

  Resource Center

* Visit your scan tool page and see the feature enhancements available specifically for your diagnostic tool.



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