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Google CHROME for PC is the recommended browser, other browsers and devices may not display content as designed. Since content is changed periodically, it is recommended that you clear your browser cache to ensure you are viewing current content (check your browser settings for manual and automated clearing methods).

Navigation Help

PC Users

For select topics, use the main MENU on the left-side of the screen to filter down and choose topics.

If the application is displaying in "mobile mode" (see below) expand the window to full size to use the PC menu.

Mobile Device Users

For select topics, click the MENU ICON on the upper right to open the main menu, then filter down and choose a topic.
Use your mobile device in landscape mode, for the best experience.

All Users

In addition to the onscreen navigation, you can use your browser FORWARD and BACK controls to move respectively to the next/last page (topic) visited.
When scrolling down for long topics, a BACK TO TOP button is automatically displayed on the lower right. Use this to jump back to the top of the screen.
To jump back to the top of the main menu of the active page, click the LOGO in the upper left.
To see most screenshots with better resolution, click the image to expand it. Click it again to reset it to normal size.

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Toolbar Icons

Icons are not applicable on every page.



Previous Topic in Sequence

Move to the previous topic in the sequence.

Next Topic in Sequence

Move to the next topic in the sequence.


Jump back to the main Snap-on Diagnostics Resource Center web page (opens in new browser tab)

Dropdown Menu
(Open/Close All)

Some topics are located in dropdown menus indicated by .
Select the topic header to expand, and select it again to close.

Open or close ALL dropdown topics on a page.


Open print setup window.

You can also use the print control from your browser.

The print function ONLY prints what is actively displayed in the topic section on the screen. A print preview is displayed in the print setup window.


Option Requirements:

Enable Background Graphics, and Headers and Footers


Use the search field located at the top of the page to enter a keyword. Tap the Search icon or press ENTER on your keyboard to start the search.

The search results are displayed as links to the page(s) that contain the keyword matches. Typically the results links are listed in ranking order, where the page with the highest instances of the keyword are at the top of the list.

To search pages with dropdowns, open all the dropdowns before searching.

Searches are not case sensitive, and you may use “quotation” marks to search for exact terms. Partial word searched are not supported.

Use the filter icon to limit your search to a specific category or page. Typically selecting "All Files" provides the best results.

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