ShopStream Update Tool (SST)

ShopStream Update Tool (SST)

This section describes the ShopStream Update Tool (SST), a maintenance program that automatically keeps your diagnostic software up-to-date.

SST downloads and installs:

Diagnostic software upgrades
Diagnostic software updates
SST program updates

Whenever the diagnostic tool is connected to the Internet, the SST automatically checks for new software updates. This automatic check also occurs every time the diagnostic tool is turned on. If a software update is available, the SST will download it.

The SST is a low priority program that only downloads software updates when unused bandwidth is available. If other programs are running that communicate over the Wi-Fi network, such as a browser or instant messaging, the download may be temporarily suspended. This allows you to continue normal diagnostic tool operation, without interruptions or loss of performance.

As an alternative to downloading software in the background, you can select the Fast Download from the update status window, see Step 3 in Manual Software Download for details.

The following terms are used in this section and throughout this manual as described below:

Software Upgrade - a new diagnostic software version. Software upgrades include new and enhanced coverage and features.
Software Update - a service release “update” for a existing diagnostic software version.

For clarity, throughout this document the term “software update(s)” will be used to collectively describe “software updates, upgrades and SST program updates” using the SST, except where noted.

Basic Operation

End User License Agreement

Manual Software Download

Installing Software Updates

Installing Software Upgrades