drive retention ratchets

a rise in drop prevention.

Each ratchet comes equipped with a safety coil that a tech can attach to his safety belt, to make sure it won't fall and cause damage.  It's just a little feature we added on - so that every plane can take off.

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Safety Secured.

For increased safety, each socket and extension in our retention ratchet requires a locking pin in order to be removed. This ensures that the socket or extension won’t fall off while you’re working – and stop productivity from grinding to a halt as well.

Competitor's 1-hole socket

Snap-on's 4-hole socket


four sides to the story.

Four holes are always better than one - at least when it comes to the sockets and extensions on our retention ratchet.  With one hole on all four sides of the extension, you reduce the risk of misaligning the socket, which means you reduce risk of damage to the aircraft. 


drive retention ratchets

Innovations - like an extension or socket with four holes that guarantees alignment, and a locking pin for the socket or extension so it won't fall off - mean the welfare of an aircraft isn't hanging by a thread.  Rather it's hanging by a safety coil, secured tightly around your wrist. 

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