Every year, FOD jeopardizes safety on the job and in the air, and is responsible for worldwide aviation industry losses totaling in the billions. That’s why, every year, Snap-on does even more to get FOD under control. Our integrated FOD programs – from tool retention systems to our world-class Level 5 Tool Control system – work to eliminate FOD, increase safety and efficiency, and reduce costs. 


fod ratchets

the riveting case
for our ratchets.

To prevent small parts debris, we designed a ratchet that will keep you absolutely riveted.  Because, for maximum FOD and program conformance, Snap-on built ours with rivets instead of screws so nothing will fall out -  and into your plane.  And, to further prevent debris, the cover plate and reverse lever are permanently affixed to the ratchet.


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tape measure

fod prevention
by the foot.

When it comes to FOD prevention, no one measures up like Snap-on.  Where normal tape measures feature screws, our 12' long tape measure comes with recessed rivets that won't fall out.  And, for additional safety, there's a clasp on the rear of the case for use with a universal tether.


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fod mirror

the fairest of them all.

When it comes to inspection tools, our FOD mirror is a beauty.  Not only does
it get into tight spaces, but Snap-on designed it with a modified extension
shaft that greatly reduces the chance of the sections pulling apart.  And with
less moving parts, breakage - and ultimately, FOD - is less likely to happen.

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tool control

When you have greater control of tools, you have greater control over potential damage.  Snap-on tool control systems are designed to minimize FOD, while maximizing safety, efficiency and productivity.

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