real steel.

How did we become the industry's most trusted leader in aviation tools?  By making them from a steel alloy that's become the gold standard, that's how. This special blend of steel allows for a higher heat treat than average steel - meaning each tool gets a specified hardness for the right toughness and strength you need in each application.


the first name
in built-to-last.

Our manufacturing process is specially designed to deliver stronger, more precise, and longer lasting tools.

From the very start, we engineer our tools for desired concentricity - stronger tools are created with uniform wall thickness so weak spots are eliminated.

During the manufacturing process, we also uphold stringent tolerances to guarantee a precise fit.

And last, but certainly not least, each product is finished with Snap-on's signature nickel-chrome plating, which provides a tough, corrosion-resistant layer that prolongs tool life.


punch and chisel

right in the strike zone.

Incorrect cutting and uncomfortable shocks from the blow of a hammer won't throw you a curveball when you use Snap-on's punch and chisel.  We added modified parabolic curves and striking design to decrease the occurrences of  mushrooming and increase safety.  And, with our differential heat treatment process applied to keep cutting edges sharp, you get a softer striking end to help absorb the shock of hammer blows.