When you use Snap-on tools, tight spaces won’t leave you in a tight spot. Airplanes often afford techs very little room to work with, but Snap-on has made sure you’ll make the most of even the smallest available spaces. We’ve developed a number of specific products, innovations and solutions that give you easy access – in places where access doesn’t look so easy. 


45º drill

get hooked
on this angle.

How do you get a drill into hard-to-reach places?  You take a different angle - in this case, 45°.  Snap-on designed this drill so that it's aligned at a 45° angle, allowing you to access areas that standard drills just can't get to.  If you're angling for easy access to tight spots, this drill will have you hooked. 

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long neck ratchets


our ratchet wins by a neck.


When it comes to ratchets that are capable of accessing small spaces, the race isn't even close: Snap-on's long neck ratchet is a clear winner. A slim drive head combines with a long reach - 11.2" overall length - that makes it easy for techs to access tight spots.  Plus, the long neck provides extra leverage, to ensure that things are thight where space is tight.


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drill attachment

an add-on with
a bonus.

Snap on a Snap-on drill attachment and you get much more than the typical tool.  Because, with a compact 90° head, this drill attachment allows techs to access tight spots.  In addition, the drill attachment features sealed bearings that prevent dirt and outside material from entering it. 

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low profile drive tool


the high points of low profile.


These drive tools may be low profile, but they definitely don't go unnoticed.  Snap-on's low profile drive tools are sleek and pared
down, so they're able to sneak into small spaces with ease.  And, they feature thinner ratchets and socket walls that allow
trouble-free clearance to hard-to-reach fasteners.



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tools for easy access

Get where you want to go - no matter how small the space is - with Snap-on's unrivaled selection of tools for easy access.  With innovative product features and advanced technology, these tools do a lot with a little room.


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