air drill

when it comes to perfect holes, we know the drill.

Aviation techs know every angle of an airplane – even when there aren’t any.  The round shape of aircraft means drilling the perfectly round hole can be tough – unless you have the right tool.  Our air drill gives you the proper run out for a more reliable joint. And less material to fill the holes means less problems for you.


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An Easy problem
to crack.

Getting the proper drilling angle is imperative.  That's why we created our air drill with egg cups: guides that allow the screws to be inserted at the appropriate angle.  It provides a greater degree of accuracy when accuracy is critical.

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air drill

Designed to enhance uptime, this innovative air drill offers flat rate repair - so you know exactly what to expect with drill repairs, a drop-in motor to get the drill back into action, and easily replaceable parts that prevent downtime for repairs.

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