Cordless screwdriver

14 volts.
nearly infinite power.

Snap-on's Cordless Screwdriver is powerful enough to give you all the torque you need, with a longer-lasting battery charge to give you all the time you need.  Isn't it about time you had unrestricted power to work in restricted spaces?

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People once believed that lighter the tool, the weaker the tool. But Snap-on proved them wrong - because our 14.4-volt cordess screwdriver gives you both power and a lightweight feel.

We're big on making
power smaller.

There's a time and a place for big, bulky tools.  But that time isn't now, and that place isn't in the hangar.  Our Cordless Screwdriver is small and compact - perfect for reaching fasteners in tight spaces and ideal for any restricted access applications.


cordless screwdriver

If you're putting in thousands of screws on an aircraft over hundres of hours, the last thing you want is a heavy, hard-to-maneuver screwdriver in your hands.  When power is critical and light weight essential, look no further than the Snap-on Cordless Screwdriver.

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