Take 5 and Rest Easy

Level 5 offers a scalable, customizable solution, one that let's you work more safely, with fewer losses of time, talent and equipment. And when you have that kind of control, the sky's the limit.

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control is level 5's number one priority.

FOD isn’t just dangerous – it’s costly, accounting for over a billion in annual damages. You need a system that takes tool control to a whole new level: Level 5.


Level 5 counters FOD in 5 ways: tool organization, visibility, security, tracking and digital accountability. No tool goes unaccounted for, so you'll know - in real-time - who's using which tools, on which aircraft, at what time. It's the most comprehensive program of its kind in the industry.


















Atc roll cab

With Level 5, you get more than the ultimate in tool control -you get peace of mind. Leve I 5 reduces tool shrinkage, replacement costs and lost tool downtime. It offers centralized control of your essential tools. And it allows for customizable badge- or keypad-activated access to storage units, provides an audit trail, and helps minimize FOD. With Leve I 5, rest assured knowing you' re getting the be st too I co ntro I in the business.

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Atc locker

All tools are not created equal. Why should all toolboxes be? With Snap-on's ATC locker you can bring asset automation to irregularly shaped items like extension cords. Don't compromise on storage because of the tools you use. Get organized. Get efficient. And rest easy knowing your aircrafts are going up into the sky as safe as they can be.

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