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Diagnostics Health Scan Reports

A Complete Diagnostics Health Scan

What is a Snap-on Health Scan? It is a full report package helping you and your customer through the diagnostic and repair process.  The report solution includes pre- and post-scan reports, but it also includes a straightforward, customer-friendly diagnostics review in simplified language for vehicle owners. Used together these reports tell the complete story, explaining in plain language exactly the attention a vehicle needs.

Why should I run a Health Scan?

Performing a health scan ensures peace of mind for you and your customers. Many systems do not turn on a light or put a message on the Diagnostic Information Center of the vehicle so this process can help uncover unseen issues!

Best practices say you should run a health scan first, which includes a pre-scan, before any work is done. It makes the customer aware of all issues and shows the shop is transparent with its recommendations. When the repair is done, perform a post-scan to confirm they were completed properly. Pre- and post-scan is mandated by the manufacturers for pre- and post-collision work as well as by some insurance companies.

What is included in a Snap-on Health Scan?

All reports analyze available systems for the vehicle plus Global OBD-II codes and Readiness Monitors for a more complete view of vehicle systems. The pre- and post-scan reports give shops an advanced insight into the state of the vehicle you are working on and can be run before you start the job, then again after you complete the repair.

Why should I run the reports?

The benefit is that you can immediately show your customer where the problems lie with a pre-scan report, and using the post-scan report you can then confirm that the repairs were completed properly. Copies of the reports can be given to the customer, insurance companies and also saved for your own records.

And when connected to Wi-Fi with the most current software installed, you can use your scan tool to automatically upload each vehicle system report to the new Snap-on Cloud to access from a phone or computer when needed.

Are you looking for that direct connection to your customers? With the Snap-on Cloud you can share any of these vehicle system reports by text or email.