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Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics


What is Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics? 

It’s a technology exclusive to Snap-on® diagnostic scan tools that saves you time with every single code.



How can Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics help me?

Quite simply, it provides you with diagnostic information specifically for the vehicle and code you are working on, enabling you to complete the repair quickly and confidently.

With ten times more codes on vehicles today than there were just a few years ago, you need technology that makes diagnosing vehicle faults a quick and accurate process - which in turn will help you generate more income.


Navigate through your diagnostic process with the Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics landing page

What Makes Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics Different?

Ready to Find Your Match?

Now that you know all about Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics, visit our Tool Matcher to find out which Snap-on® Scanner is for you!