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When connected to Wi-Fi, you can automatically upload images and vehicle system reports to the Snap-on Cloud so you can access them from your phone or computer whenever you or your customer needs them. With the Snap-on Cloud, make your next diagnosis — and your next repair — quicker than ever before.

The Snap-on Cloud works to make each job faster... Every image or pre- or post-scan vehicle system report you create is captured on the drive. Capture, categorize, collaborate, and communicate with the Snap-on Cloud.




  • Mark and order your files. Identify images as ‘Known good' or 'Known bad’.
  • Tag files to make keyword search fast for future reference
  • Get files by customer name, VIN or sort by date allowing for easy retrieval


  • Compare and share with peers
  • Share your images with other shops and techs


  • Adding up to 20 contacts, easily share files with your colleagues and contacts using My Network
  • Communicate vehicle system reports and images via text or email
  • Share pre-scan reports and images with customers to receive quick approvals for repairs
  • Forward pre- and post-scan reports and images to insurance companies to confirm OEM repair requirements have been met

With onsite step-by-step guidance to get you set up and walk through all of the helpful features, you can take advantage of the Snap-on Cloud, now. Visit the Snap-on Cloud or contact your Snap-on Franchisee or other sales representative today.


* Full access to Snap-on Cloud services is available with current software for ZEUSTM, TRITONTM, APOLLOTM, and SOLUSTM Series, and VERUS® Edge and MODIS EdgeTM


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