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Automobile manufacturers are developing solutions to protect their vehicles’ networks from unauthorized access, including potential cyber-attacks. For those vehicles with secured systems, access to certain diagnostic functions may require registration and authentication through an approved device for all aftermarket scan tools.

Security Link

Vehicle manufacturers are implementing security features to prevent unauthorized intrusions into their systems - much like FCA Secured Gateway. This is changing the way that scan tools need to work. That is why we developed the Snap-on Security Link (previously Secured Vehicle Gateway).

It is designed to help navigate customers through this process. Most of your customers work on FCA or Ford vehicles. The best way to avoid them getting caught without access to these vehicle systems is to make sure their scan tool is running the latest software.

For more information, contact a participating Snap-on Franchisee or other sales representative or visit

Learn how to register to use Security Link with your Snap-on diagnostic tool here.