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ZEUS+™, it’s the newest product to join the Snap-on® Diagnostic family. Join Jason Gabrenas for a live webinar where he will use the ZEUS+ whilst tackling an ADAS problem. You will get to see a live demonstration as well as take a look at some of the features of this new diagnostic powerhouse.

Join on the night via this link or pre-register to get a reminder sent directly to your e-mail.

When: Wednesday November 16th at 8pm Eastern, 7pm Central and 5pm Pacific.

About Jason

Jason Gabrenas was born and raised in north central Massachusetts. He has been involved in the automotive field all his life, starting out as a general tech at a national chain, and working his way up to a master diagnostic tech for an OEM dealership.

Jason has over 25 years in the automotive industry. He is currently a Snap-on National Sales and Support Representative for Diagnostics and Information. He co-develops Snap-on Diagnostics training materials, as well as conducts franchisee, employee, end user and vocational student, business, and technical courses. Jason has now delivered over 40 live sessions on the Diagnostics YouTube pages amassing over 380,000 views.

  • 8 years as an OEM factory trained technician. Specializing in diagnostics
  • 5 years of general repair lead tech in diagnostics
  • 2 plus years managing and training a territory with Snap-on Diagnostics
  • 8 plus years training for Snap-on Diagnostics across North America