Snap-on® Security Link™ for United Kingdom


Fast, Easy and Secure Vehicle Access

To protect against unauthorised vehicle network manipulation that may put car systems and customers at risk, many car manufacturers require authorised scan tool access to perform necessary diagnosis and repair.

Compatible diagnostic tools can connect to secure vehicle gateways seamlessly using a fast, easy and secure channel between you, the scan tool, and the manufacturers’ web sites.

Get Connected
What you'll need...


All you have to do is store your device details and OEM account info in a centralised Snap-on profile and your work is done.

What you'll get...
Get connected for seamless access to secure vehicle gateways and device files automatically backed up to the cloud

Compatible Diagnostic Tools

Diagnostic tools must be connected to Wi-Fi while in use. Here’s a current and up-to-date list of Security Link compatible tools. If you already have one, scroll down to learn more about getting an authorised OEM account. 

*All of the following tools except for ETHOS Edge are also compatible with



OEM Account Websites

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) secure gateway access requires authorisation for 2017+ models. Register for access today.


Snap-on Profile

Setup your Snap-on profile to keep your Diagnostics platform/s and your OEM access accounts connected.

NOTE: If you have an existing SureTrack or acount, you already have a Snap-on profile... Simply enter your FCA credentials into your existing profile.

Setup Security Link
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