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Driven by Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics software and built to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced, hyper-connected shop environment, the new ZEUS+™is the most advanced information-driven scan and scope device in the industry.

The NEW ZEUS+™ simplifies your diagnostic process and guides you through the right repair, avoiding unnecessary steps along the way. It gives you the software coverage, processing power and speed, and access to the information you need to work smarter, faster and better on every job.

* Access to Fast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics software requires an applicable software agreement.

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*Snap-on reserves the right to make changes to specifications without notice and without making changes retroactively.

Depth1.7 inches (43 mm)Vehicle Systems100+ OEM-specific vehicle systemsDisplay size11.6 inch diagonalVehicle Coverage12 European automotive makes21 domestic automotive makesWidth12.4 inches (315 mm)Live Data Graphing16 graphDisplay resolution1920x1080 pixelLab Scope / Meter4-channelBandwidth 3MHzSample Rate: Up to 6 million samples/secScale range 0-100mV to 0-400V, 50kV secondary ignitionSweep rate 50 microseconds to 20 seconds (5 min in GMM mode)Operating System64-bit Windows® 10Height7.8 inches (198 mm)Built-in Camera8MP (3264 x 2448)OBD-IIAll 10 modes of Global OBD-IIWeb browserChromeBoot up SpeedLess than 10 second boot up from Ready ModeDisplay typeOptically bonded touchscreen, colorUSB PortPC connectivityBatteryRemovable, Rechargeable, 10.8V Lithium-ion batteryNavigationTouchscreenWi-FiWi-Fi CapableScan ModuleWireless
What Is It used For
Driveability Issues

Measures fluid capacities

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Fluid Capacities
Intermittent Complaints

Resets vehicle maintenance indicator

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Maintenance Resets
Multi-Code ProblemsMulti-System IssuesPulling Simple Codes

Remove and Replace Components

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R&R Components
RelearnsScoping Sensors

Reads tire pressure monitoring system

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Snap-on has delivered leading edge, innovative car diagnostic tools and software for more than 35 years. 

Snap-on is in touch with your needs. It develops revolutionary car diagnostics products and repair information solutions to repeatedly redefine car diagnostics. 

A Snap-on car diagnostic tool is always ready to serve with unparalleled general and collision repair coverage. Vehicle coverage, and features that super charge it, are key and that is where being up to date with your software comes in.  

If your car diagnostic tool is out of date because the software is old, working on cars will take longer and cost you money. You purchased the best diagnostic tool available – maintain it so it is as good as the day you bought it to make sure you can see anything that pulls into your bay. 

Standard Features

Includes tech name, the Cert ID and a mark in the fail status box if the test was unsuccessful

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Automatic Data Population on the ADAS Recalibration Report
Choose to manually or automatically input the VIN number with the disable AutoVin functionFinish jobs even faster with linked functional tests and reset procedures in the exclusive Snap-on Service Resets and RelearnsNew vehicle identification screen. Once populated, data replicates to ADAS Recalibration and Vehicle System ReportsNow find common maintenance resets, such as fluids and brakes more quickly with the new Maintenance CategoryNow find common maintenance resets, such as fluids and brakes more quickly with the new Maintenance Category

Simplifies technician profile management including manufacturer set up and automatic credential validation

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Security Link Wizard

With Wi-Fi and current software, for up-to-the-second online storage. Archive, reference, retrieve and communicate Vehicle System Reports, thermal images and more to customers, colleagues, insurance companies

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Access to Snap-on® Cloud
Automatic registration plate tagging when uploading Vehicle System and ADAS Recalibration Reports to the Snap-on Cloud

Over 70 classes are found easily in the main menu under Training and Support

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Component Test Meter (CTM) on-tool courses

Friendly simplified language report for owners. Includes Pre-/Post-Scans for shop use

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Diagnostic Health Scan
Ethernet communications support with applicable adapter for relevant Jaguar, Land Rover® and Volvo® vehiclesExclusive access to SureTrack®, providing Real Fixes and verified parts replacement records from millions of successful repair orders²Exclusive Guided Component Tests show how to test, where to connect and what results to look forEZ ADAS™ Recalibration System compatiblePre- and Post-scan Vehicle System Reports with on-tool report labelingSecurity Link™ provides direct access to vehicles right from the scan tool for 2018 and newer Fiat Chrysler (FCA) modelsService Resets & Relearns


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SUN®, John Bean® and Hofmann® EZ ADAS™ Recalibration System compatible
The Vehicle System and ADAS Recalibration Reports provide a useful summary for your customers of the diagnostic work carried outWide-ranging support programs, including a Customer Care hotline, free comprehensive online Training and Support
New Coverage HighlightsBattery Replacement Special Functions added to 2016>2023 MINI® Clubman, Countryman, HatchBMW® Actuators and Special Functions added to 2016>2023 1, 2, 3 series and X1BMW® Service History system added allowing you to write the Service History data to the vehicle.BMW® Vehicle Sleep Mode and Automated EVAP Leak Test added for all applicable modelsFord® Actuators and Special Functions added to 9 modelsHyundai® Tucson TLE 1.6 and 2L Diesel new Systems added including AdBlue, Urea Dosing Valve testNissan® Qashai and X-Trail 1.5L E-Power 2022> added Special FunctionsSpecial Functions added to Renault® Fun Master 2.3 Diesel 2010>2023New FeaturesSignificant growth in additional Real Fixes, Fixed It data aand PID flags

When mileage and license plate is logged it is saved to platform history

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Enhanced Previous Vehicles and Data screen
Fast-Track® Intelligent DiagnosticsFast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics guides users through every step needed to find the solution, while avoiding the steps they don’t. It includes continuous Smart Data updates with any Prepaid or Subscription plan.Highlights vehicle data that is out of expected rangeReset procedures to complete the repair after component replacement. Only those that pertain to that fault code are shownSmart Data automatically configures the display to show vehicle data parameters (PIDs) relevant to the fault code. Non-related parameters are filtered out to save you timeSureTrack common replaced parts and real fixes for the specific vehicle and DTC²Software OptionsSubscription

Key Features of the ZEUS+™

Fast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics: SureTrack common replaced parts and real fixes for the specific vehicle and DTC¹Fast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics: Smart Data automatically configures the display to show vehicle data parameters (PIDs) relevant to the fault code. Non-related parameters are filtered out to save you time¹Fast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics: Reset procedures to complete the repair after component replacement. Only those that pertain to that fault code are shown¹Boots from cold in about a minute; powers up in Ready Mode in just five secondsFast-Track Troubleshooter database includes vehicle-specific tips, tests, and timesavers

A companion to the Pre- and Post-scan Reports.< /br> Now document recalibration completion for one or many systems

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Automatic ID reads the VIN so you don't have to

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Automotive Coverage for nearly 40 manufacturersBasic Software Upgrade: 6 months of current manufacturer coverage, plus built-in SureTrack®Bi-directional ControlsFast, easy access to expert Information SureTrack®, Fast-Track® Guided Component Tests, TroubleshooterFast, reliable operation with dedicated SMX-embedded operating system

  • Illustrated procedures at your fingertips
  • Time-saving component locator
  • Best test location guide shows where to connect
  • Connector diagrams show how to connect
  • Reference waveforms and test values for a positive pass/fail diagnosis

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Fast-Track Guided Component Tests include:
Fast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics - SureTrackFast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics - Vehicle Data

Auto ID using Mode 9 VIN

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Instant Id

Ability to record all available live data parameters and graph any four on screen at once. View up to eight data parameters in text mode; Display up to seven live data points in digital mode; Record all available data parameters in the background. Pause and Playback.

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Live Data Graphing (Scanner and/or Scope)

One-Touch Full Vehicle Code Scan & Clear quickly checks and clears codes for all available modules on the vehicle.

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One-Touch Code Scan and Clear

Records All PIDS While On or Off Screen

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PID Recording
PID SortingPID Trigger (a Snap-on exclusive)RelearnsReset Procedures to complete the repair after component replacement

With current software use the Snap-on® Cloud for up-to-the-second online storage.

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Snap-on® Cloud³
Software Status Icon lets you know you are on the latest softwareWi-Fi enabledWi-Fi status icon confirms you're connectedWireless Printing (via Snap-on Cloud)

Scalable X-axis for live data graph

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