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VERUS/Verdict Error Messages


Put the experience of the Snap-on Customer Care team to work for you

Use the following tools only under the direction of a Snap-on Customer Care Agent.

For information, email or call 800-424-7226.


 Please SAVE the required tool to the local machine and run locally.

 The tools on this site are not designed to be run from the Internet.


 Fatal Application Errors  (10.4 And Later)

 1.  VERUS®/VERDICT® Fatal Application Error Detection Tool
 2.  VERUS/VERDICT FAE Error Listing Repair Order (Vehicle Records)
 3.  VERUS/VERDICT FAE Configuration System Failed To Initialize (User Config)
 4.  VERUS/VERDICT FAE Exception Has Been Thrown By The Target Of An Invocation
 5.  VERUS/VERDICT FAE Object Reference Not Set (Scope_Module) 

 Hardware Errors

 6.  VERUS Hardware Initialization Error During VERUS Suite Launch 
 7.  VERUS Heritage Scanner Hardware Not Detected Error (Hardware Driver)
 8.  VERUS Scanner Hardware Not Detected (After ReFlash Software Installed)

   XT Application Errors

  9.  VERUS/Verdict Shopstream XT Shell/Application Error During VERUS Suite Launch
10.  VERUS/VERDICT XT Application Error Printing.  (11.4 & 11.4.1) 

Miscellaneous Error Message

11.  VERUS/VERDICT Repairs for VERUS Server.exe Unable To Locate Component (BsSDK.dll) 
12.  VERUS/VERDICT Internet Explorer Security Certificate Error 
13.  VERUS 323 Windows XP (SP2) WPA2 Wireless Communication Patch (Restart Required) 
14.   Windows XP Service Pack 3
15.   Verus Edge KB2459268 Update
16.   Verus Edge Trial Screen Saver
17.   Verus Edge Microsoft Updates Fail To Install
18.   Verus Edge HP Printer Installer Help
19.   ZEUS TS Firmware Update
20.   Verdict/Verus Pro Won't Connect To SureTrack (Restart Required)
21.   Verdict/Verus Pro DUC Irrecoverable Error Message (Restart Required)
22.   PepBoys Unable To Authorize Error Message (Restart Required)
23.   License Mis-Match Error after 18.4.0 Upgrade (Verus Pro)
24.   Error Message Connecting With GoToAssist
25.   Security Certificate Error Accessing Repair Information (XP Platforms)
26.   PepBoys License Mis-Match (18.4 Update)
27.   GTA Certificate Error (Win7, BUILT 18.2 or earlier. OS 1.5.0 or earlier)
28.   SM7 Driver Update (Driver Required for S7 Rev C)
29.   EESM306 Compact Scan Module (S7) Not Recognized During Pairing (MAC Address Update)
30.   DUC Repair Utility for 20.2.0 and 20.2.1 (Win7 & Win10)
31.   Google Chrome Opens To A Black Screen v4 (Zeus & Verus Edge)
32.   Error Message Connecting VerusPro To GTA (GTA Corporate Software 12-2021)
33.   Screen Refresh Issue When Displaying Menus (Win 7 KB:4577051) v3
34.   Repair For DUC Not In System Tray and Suite Failed To Update (VE & Zeus)
35.   Fails To Reconnect To Wi-Fi  Network After Leaving/Entering Range.Of Router (Zeus W10)
36.   BlueTooth Reset Tool (Won't Pair)  (Zeus+/Zeus/Verus Edge) (Restart Required)
37.   Black Bar On LCD When Docked Or Docking  (Zeus W10)
38.   Pass-Thru-Pro Driver/Installers
39.   S9 Scanner Module Driver Update
40.   Zeus+ Driver Update Package  v1 (Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, BIOS, misc RESTART REQUIRED)