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May 2023 - How Important Are Resets and Relearns Really?

Modern day vehicles have a wide range of required resets. Not performing these resets could result in a comeback, damaged components, or even an unsafe condition.  A perfect example is the now infamous, misunderstood issue on GM®. What happens when an oxygen sensor is replaced, but a relearn to reset the heater resistance value, is not performed as cautioned below?  More than likely, the new sensor will be damaged and cause a comeback as well.

Timing Chain Replacement: Are Timing Chains Still Causing Headaches?

Timing chain stretch is not the stretching of the timing chain steel. It is an elongation of the timing chain caused by wear to the chain's components. The most common cause of timing chain elongation is lack of maintenance, regular oil changes and the wrong oil. Learn more about timing chains by reading this informative article.

Part 2: Car Timing Chains- A Case Study

Part two case study on timing chains. Timing chain stretch is not the stretching of the timing chain steel. It is an elongation of the timing chain caused by wear to the chain's components. The most common cause of timing chain elongation is lack of maintenance, regular oil changes and the wrong oil. Learn more about timing chains by reading this informative article.

Mercedes Sprinter 907 Rear Camera Calibration

Motor vehicles have become increasingly more complex over the last two decades to meet ever-tightening emissions regulations, increased fuel economy requirements as well as passenger comfort and safety. This added complexity means technicians are flooded with additional data when diagnosing vehicle faults.

Testing Digital Mass Airflow Meters

Measurement of the volume and density of airflow entering an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) is critical to ensure the system is operating efficiently and within the emissions specifications.

How to Quickly Diagnose a Faulty EGR Position Sensor

The Clear View Flag Tracker is a feature that can help a technician to identify when a data parameter (PID) value goes out of specification. Here is how to use it:

Diagnostic Investigation Using a Pressure Transducer

Pressure transducers can be valuable in our Diagnostic fault-finding process in many different ways. We can use the pressure transducer to look at ‘Fluid pressures’ such as fuel, transmissions, hydraulics, and ‘Gas pressures’, such as compression, manifold, and exhaust backpressure. Let's take a deeper dive into how to use this tool to find your diagnosis.

Modern Vehicle Diagnostics

Motor vehicles have become increasingly more complex over the last two decades, this means technicians are flooded with additional data when diagnosing vehicle faults. Read this technical article to learn more.

Streamlining the Diagnostic Process

The question is do you have a diagnostic procedure? Most technicians have their own specific approach for diagnosing typical drivability problems, electrical or mechanical issues. Why is it that one technician can take 20 minutes diagnosing a car and another may take a week to only come up with the same fix? Here are some Snap-on tips to get to the fix quicker....

Toyota Corolla Front Radar Calibration

See how to calibrate the front radar on a Toyota Corolla using a Snap-on scan tool and EZ-ADAS

Throttle Motor Control Systems

There are many systems and functions in the modern motor vehicle that require a method of controlling and reversing the electrical polarity of a circuit. The most common process is controlling the direction of rotation of a motor, e.g. electric window motor, electric power steering motor, electronic throttle control motor, etc.

Toyota Prius High Voltage System Fault

This Toyota Prius had malfunction warning lights illuminated and two faults relating to the High Voltage System stored.Intermittently the vehicle would not enter “Ready Mode”. See how this Prius was put back into ‘Ready’ mode…

Brake Light Brilliance

This vehicle had a bulb failure warning light illuminated on the instrument cluster and the brake light on the right-hand side of the vehicle appeared to be lighting at full brilliance at all times.

Ford Focus ST Case Study

This customer had purchased himself a 2010 Ford Focus ST, and after a few weeks of owning the vehicle, some symptoms appeared, so it was time to investigate.

Fun With Numbers - Boolean Logic

Electronic control modules process data from various sensors and modules controlling multiple systems. Control modules operate on the principle of Boolean logic (the binary system), this is where a statement is either true or false.

48 Volt Electrical System Class

Take a look at our 2-minute 48 Volt Electrical System Class here!

Fuel Pump Progress - Brushless Motor

The rise in demand for ‘high-tech’ vehicles has challenged engineers to rethink and create more sophisticated internal systems which promote efficiency. The humble motor is a great example of this with many vehicle manufacturers now using brushless direct current (DC) motors in automotive applications. The brushless motor has many advantages when compared to conventional ‘brushed motors’ but whilst more efficient, the commutation control of the brushless motor is more complex. Take a look at the article to learn more.

Volvo XC60 Medium Speed CAN Bus Failure

This 2017 Volvo XC60 with a 2-liter engine had multiple electrical failures reported by the owner. These were all relating to the Body electrical system. The faults were intermittent in nature. The vehicle would start and operate as expected even with the issue present. A scan tool was connected to the vehicle’s Data Link Connector (DLC) and numerous fault codes were stored. Read the article to see the fix.

Engine Management CAYC

This article describes to technicians how a relatively simple fault became slightly more complicated to rectify when a component with different operating parameters was fitted. Damien Coleman will guide you through how to resolve the issue quickly and effectively by further investigation and testing, using a TRITON-D8 and a multimeter from Snap-on.

Blind Spot Radar Calibration - Post Collision

ADAS systems come in many forms, with everything from blind spot warnings to night vision technologies, and because of the vital job these systems do, it's important to ensure that they are properly calibrated and functioning to prevent any malfunction of the system.

Testing a Variable Valve Timing Actuator

Sometimes a vehicle will suffer from driveability issues and fault codes relating to valve timing. Such conditions can be difficult to diagnose without the correct equipment. The purpose of variable valve timing (VVT) is to help increase the engine’s volumetric efficiency and limit the exhaust gasses produced by the vehicle. By altering when the valves open and close you can optimize the performance of the engine.

Lane Keeping Assist Inoperative

The development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) have been a technological leap forward for the automotive industry. However, new challenges handling car repairs for workshops and bodyshops when ADAS systems are impacted are common. This deep-dive case study walks through the steps taken when a 2016 Mercedes E350 was involved in a collision and repaired, only to find that a warning message indicating ‘lane keeping assist inoperative’ was displayed in the instrument cluster.

Power Balance Testing A Ford Focus

The cylinder power balance test is a way of measuring the power contribution of each cylinder. That contribution should be relatively equal across all cylinders. Check out how we team up with Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics to make the process streamlined.

DPF Regeneration: Passive, Active & Manual Regeneration

DPF regeneration refers to the procedure of cleaning and emptying the diesel particulate filter of soot that is created by the process of combustion. Here's an example of a dynamic DPF regeneration using a Snap-on TRITON-D10

Parasitic Draw Diagnosis

This article is designed to provide a technician with a process for identifying a parasitic draw from a vehicle battery. The key to diagnosing any issues with parasitic draw, is to ensure the vehicle is shutdown. Take a look here to learn more...

Magneto-Resistive Sensor Technology

Sensor construction and measuring waveforms is a useful place to start when getting to grips with complex brake system faults. Take a look at the article to learn more.

Automotive Communication Networks, Part III FlexRay Networks

FlexRay is similar to CAN Bus as the data is transmitted over two twisted wires, which act to reduce the effects of external interference on the differential voltage between both wires. Data transfer speeds can be up to 10 times faster than CAN bus, operating at speeds up to 1 Mbits per second.

Automotive Communication Networks, Part II CAN Bus

Controller Area Network (CAN) is a data transfer network designed to allow many nodes (modules) to communicate using a standard structure and format. This article will provide the technician with the necessary tools to successfully validate a CAN bus signal and help to identify faults where present.

Automotive Communication Networks, Part I LIN Bus

Local Interconnection (LIN) Bus is a low speed cost effective alternative to CAN bus. LIN gets its name from being a ‘local’ sub-system. Data Transfer speeds can be up to 20 kBits/second. It is designed for sensor/actuator level.

Ford Focus DPF Issue

There are many different ways to diagnose ignition problems on a vehicle using a Snap-on lab scope.

Ignition Coil Current Ramp Test

There are many different ways to diagnose ignition problems on a vehicle using a Snap-on lab scope.

Ford® PATS Key Programming

Find out how the combination of a Snap-on diagnostic tool and software can help make key programming easier.

FIAT 500 Proxi Alignment

Learn about some short but important steps you need to follow when it comes to ensuring that replaced modules are fully recognised by a vehicle.

PID (Parameter Identification) Trigger Function

A very handy feature of the diagnostic software on your Snap-on scan tool is the parameter identification (PID) trigger function. You can set minimum and maximum values and if your data goes outside of those the PID trigger function will automatically save it for you so you can see it later.

Dual Screen Diagnostics

Make your life easier by using a Snap-on lab scope and scan tool to check and verify the correctness of vehicle scan data - on the same screen at the same time.

Piezo Injectors Signature Test

Did you know that fuel injectors on Direct Injection vehicles work differently than a standard fuel injector? Read on to learn more.

Ford Coil Current RFI Test

Help make diagnosing a misfiring Ford a lot more straightforward with the aid of a quick and simple test available in Snap-on scan tools.

Mercedes LED Light Binning

Discover a new technique included in the latest software upgrade designed to make your life easier when it comes to coding vehicle headlamps.

Air-Fuel Ratio Sensor Test

Take the challenges out of diagnosing modern air/fuel ratio sensors by using this handy process in Snap-on scan tools with up-to-date diagnostic software.

Multiple Freeze Frame Data

See what was happening before and after the code was set thanks to a handy feature on Snap-on scan tools.

Fuel Pump Current Ramp Test

Diagnose fuel pump issues by using your Snap-on lab scope and diagnostic software to generate readings for analysis.

Diagnosing Vehicle Communication Issues

Learn about a quick and easy way to test a communication network and get to the bottom of problems efficiently.

Fuel Injector Current and Voltage Tests

When trying to diagnose a misfire on some vehicles you might suspect that a fuel injector is causing the problems.

What is NOx?

Read on to improve your knowledge of nitrogen oxides from diesel emissions and how to deal with them.

Electronic Throttle Control System Diagnostics

Read on to see how you can check data and test that the electronic throttle control system is performing normally – and how you can tell if there is an issue.

CAN Network Diagnostics

Having difficulty diagnosing communication problems on a vehicle? A Snap-on diagnostic platform can help you to overcome the challenges and get to the root cause of the problem.

Building the Right Diagnostic Routine

The ever-developing technology on modern vehicles means that having a solid diagnostic routine can make you more efficient in the workshop.