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What is Global OBD-II?

Global OBD scanner coverage is strictly related to emissions-related coverage. It is universal in that all vehicles sold in the US and Canada since 1996 must comply with this standard.

All ten modes of OBD-II are covered by Snap-on diagnostic tools and are accessed by selecting the OBD-II icon on the home screen.

Global OBD-II on Snap-on diagnostic tools

Global OBD-II on Snap-on Diagnostic Tools

OBD Direct

OBD Diagnose

  • Start Communication initiates a test session
  • Connector Information to see where to find the data link connector or DLC on the vehicle
  • Manual Protocol Selection establishes which vehicle protocol to use

OBD Training Mode

  • Training mode allows you to navigate through the menus and see results, without being connected to a vehicle. It's a good way to explore OBD-II capabilities.

OBD Direct screen

OBD-II Health Check

OBD-II Health Check allows a quick check of the vehicle’s emissions systems. Through this you can access:

  • Global OBD-II Code Check
  • Global OBD-II Clear Codes
  • Readiness Monitors
  • Malfunction Indicator Lamp Status

OBD-II Health Check

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