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Snap-on TRITON-D10 Diagnostic Tool

New Snap-on TRITON-D10 Diagnostic Tool Includes Scan and Lab Scope Capabilities

Technicians require absolute certainty every time they make a repair, which means they need an advanced diagnostic tool with scan and lab scope capabilities to get the job done. The new Snap-on® TRITON-D10™ allows technicians to dig deep into the systems of a vehicle and evaluate performance with comparative data to make accurate and efficient decisions on every complex repair.

New Snap-on TRITON-D10 Integrated Diagnostic System

“Technicians need to move quickly when a vehicle needs diagnostic evaluation and can’t afford to be bogged down by fragmented information or too much data unrelated to what they need,” said Dave Ellingen, president, Snap-on Diagnostic Division. “Using Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics, TRITON-D10 filters data and delivers smart shortcuts to take technicians to information directly related to the diagnostic trouble code, providing a route to the answers they need to complete the repair efficiently and confidently.”

With Fast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics, TRITON-D10 systematically eliminates the unnecessary information and provides technicians with only the specific data and resources that they need to make repair decisions on the vehicle under the current circumstances.

Features of the TRITON-D10 include:


Designed and built specifically for the automotive industry to take on every day in the shop, the TRITON-D10 features a streamlined design with thin, rugged handgrips, an integrated scope with enhanced memory for capturing intermittent glitches and a 10-inch capacitive color touchscreen display.


TRITON-D10 offers sophisticated verification and testing functionality, including advanced graphing features and OEM-level data, plus a guided CTM/scope for verifying component failures. With an industry leading boot-up time, as well as a super-fast full system code scan, technicians can get to work right away.

Experienced-Based Software

Working with complete confidence means getting the answers that technicians need without any unnecessary distractions getting in the way. Fast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics enhances workflow, with SureTrack® delivering verified parts replacement records and Real Fixes, along with Smart Data for relevant vehicle and code-specific PIDS, plus access to prefiltered functional tests and guided component tests to verify repairs.

Customer Support

The TRITON-D10 comes standard with Snap-on Customer Care, plus 24/7 online training and support, industry-focused national online training, flexible financing and exclusive access to the Snap-on Cloud.

Click here to watch a brief overview video on TRITON-D10.

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