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New Snap-on Software Upgrade Gives Technicians the Ultimate Advantage Every Day

New Snap-on Software Upgrade, Fall 2022Technicians who upgrade to the newest version of the Snap-on® software release will gain the ultimate advantage every day with uninterrupted access to a universe of dynamically updated resources. From the moment they power-on, technicians can confidently service customers with a tool containing unparalleled depth in general and collision repair coverage for Asian, domestic and European vehicles.

New coverage highlights include:

  • 2022 model year updates for Genesis®, GM®, Hyundai®, Infiniti®, Land Rover®, Lexus®, Mazda®, Mitsubishi®, Nissan®, Subaru®, Toyota® and Volvo®
  • BMW® 2007-2013 E70 (X5)
    • codes, data and functional tests for damper satellite modules
    • special functions for pneumatic suspension (EHC) - drain/fill bellows, check ride height, ride height adjustment
  • Chrysler®/Dodge®/Jeep®/RAM® 2019
    • forward radar calibrations (ADAS)
  • Ford® 2021 Mustang Mach-E
    • 30 new modules added including battery energy control module, cameras, power steering, module programming (PMI) functions and more
  • Mercedes-Benz® 2013 CLA Class
    • codes, data and functional tests for heat, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Range Rover® 2014 and newer
    • codes, data and functional tests for power steering control module and headlamp control modules
  • Subaru
    • codes, data and functional tests for reverse automatic braking system
  • Toyota
    • front side radar master and front side radar slave for affected vehicles
  • Volkswagen®
    • seven new engine variants added
  • Volvo
    • codes, data and functional tests for trailer module
    • 2018 and newer XC40
    • 2017 and newer XC60
    • 2015 and newer XC90

New features and enhancements include:

  • Diagnostics Health Scan – a new addition to the scan tools’ vehicle systems reports. It is a straightforward, customer-friendly scan report that simplifies results for vehicle owners. It includes traditional pre- and post-scan reports for shop use and syncs with Snap-on Cloud.
  • Update previous vehicle – an enhancement to the ‘Previous Vehicles and Data’ screen. It saves logged mileage and license plate into the vehicle’s history record on the scan tool. Available on Snap-on scan tools.

Additional advantages of using the newest software upgrade:

  • Trusted intelligence: Snap-on provides trusted intelligence that always keeps technicians a step ahead. When their platform is powered by Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics, they have to fasted route to fixed.
  • Security access: Security Link ensures access to OEM secured vehicles.
  • Comprehensive testing: functional tests and bi-directional controls; waveform library and known good test values; PID recording, whether onscreen or off; relearns and initializations
  • Professional resources: expert information via SureTrack; manufacturer information such as TSBs campaigns and recalls; repair information with a ShopKey® purchase
  • Sharing capabilities: Snap-on® Cloud; automatic filing; screen capture upload; health scan; pre- and post-scan reports; ADAS recalibration; share via email or text
  • Dedicated customer care team; ShopStream Connect; over-air automatic software updates; online platform training courses; over 70 on-tool guided component test training courses

For specific coverage and features by platform, refer to the vehicle coverage guide at

For more information about the latest software coverage and features or available software programs, contact a participating Snap-on Franchisee or other sales representative, or visit