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Snap-on Introduces New Style ZEUS Workstation

Technicians can now purchase the ZEUS® workstation in a new, stylish look that highlights the Snap-on® signature colors, black and red. The updated cart provides the freedom to use the ZEUS diagnostic and information system, featuring exclusive Fast‑Track® Intelligent Diagnostics, throughout the service bay.

The flip top workstation includes a ZEUS docking and charging station with a custom-fit organizer and space for a wireless keyboard and mouse, all stored safely in a lockable slide top. The 24-inch high resolution touch screen monitor has a tilting monitor bracket to get just the right angle. The deep 12-inch drawer can accommodate a printer, while the two, three and a half-inch drawers include organizers for standard and optional accessories, to maximize storage space.

The ZEUS diagnostic tool is the smart choice for anyone who wants the most troubleshooting and repair information possible and wants to access it without wading through unnecessary steps. It practically anticipates the technician’s next move and guides them through every step to find the solution by displaying only the information that’s relevant to the specific vehicle and fault code. ZEUS uses “Smart Data” to automatically configure the display to show vehicle data parameters (PID) relevant to the fault code, while non-related data parameters are filtered out, saving time. It also highlights vehicle data out of expected range.

For more information, visit or talk to a Snap-on franchisee or other Snap-on sales representative.

New Style ZEUS Workstation