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Snap-on Adds Online Vehicle Coverage Guide to Website

Snap-on Online Vehicle Coverage GuideSnap-on® has enhanced its website with the addition of an online vehicle coverage guide. This dynamic new tool showcases the expanded and enhanced data included in Snap-on software so visitors can learn about the breadth and depth of covered systems for each make and model.

The vehicle coverage guide functions as a quick and convenient reference tool that allows users to lookup Snap-on software coverage and clearly see the benefits of the software. In addition to delivering “what’s new” information by vehicle and motorcycle manufacturer, the coverage guide includes a product-specific feature overview, a coverage search option with a print function, resources to help technicians work more efficiently and platform accessories. Plus, it’s filterable and mobile-friendly.

Keeping their software up-to-date is one of the most important things that technicians can do to ensure they get the most from their platform. Snap-on spends time with technicians to understand what they are working on. Whether it’s a job for a vehicle with the latest technology, or one that has been on the road for decades, Snap-on aims to have technicians covered with the most comprehensive coverage around.

To learn more information about Snap-on, visit or talk to a Snap-on franchisee or other sales representative.