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Snap-on Diagnostic Thermal Laser Combines Thermal and Laser Modes in One Tool

Featuring both laser and thermal components, the Snap-on® Diagnostic Thermal Laser combines pinpoint temperature readings of up to 1,800°F (1,000°F in thermal mode) and thermal imaging capabilities for unrivalled performance on a greater variety of applications, all in one tool.

The two-in-one system, offering both thermal and laser modes, is ideal for jobs such as checking inlet and outlet temperatures of catalytic converters. Thermal imaging can help speed up the diagnostic process across a multitude of systems including powertrain and exhaust, body and electrical, chassis and brakes and HVAC.

The Snap-on Diagnostic Thermal Laser features thermal image blending, plus a visible-light camera to provide more detail, and delta reading in laser mode to capture highs, lows and delta. The trigger takes pictures and stores hundreds of images, as well as captures temperature readings. The ergonomic pistol-grip is designed for easy, precise control. The diagnostic thermal laser also includes a built in LED light and offers 32x32 thermal sensor resolution.

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