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Your Essential Guide To SureTrack® 

What is SureTrack®

SureTrack® is an expert information system designed to provide diagnostic repair tips and real fixes based on the vehicle symptom or fault code. It allows you to see repair tips and verified parts replacement records for similar vehicles and problems. It’s like having an experienced tech by your side. SureTrack® information is provided in two main categories: Top Repairs and Real Fixes. 


Top Repairs

What is the root cause of the problem? With SureTrack® you’ll see which repair procedures are most frequently performed to successfully complete the repair on vehicles just like the one in your bay. Quickly determine the most likely fix based on vehicle-specific model, mileage, codes, components and symptoms. 

Real Fixes


Learn what has worked for other technicians like you. Based on over 2 billion repair records covering just about every year/make/model combination you’re likely to see in your shop. 

Every system – from ABS to Transmissions, and more is covered. 

The information is in a concise, complaint-cause-correction format, making it quick and easy to find what you need to get started. Diagnose and repair with more confidence, with the industry’s largest database of real-world knowledge, all validated by SureTrack® expert technicians. 

Troubleshooter: Additional tips that may be related to the selected DTC

Get an alternate view of possible repair solutions and plan a diagnostic strategy by seeing how diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and symptoms relate to commonly replaced components. Once a code or symptom is selected, the Causes and Fixes feature shows the relationship between them and various components. This is especially helpful when diagnosing multiple codes returned from the vehicle. 

Revolutionize vehicle repairs with Snap-on SureTrack® 

By combining all these features, Snap-on SureTrack® aims to empower technicians with valuable information and support, enabling you to diagnose and fix vehicles more efficiently and accurately. As a result, you can complete jobs faster, reduce the number of comebacks (repeat repairs), and make more informed decisions, ultimately saving both time and money. 

Available with: SureTrack® is available on SOLUSTM, APOLLOTM, MODISTM, TRITONTM, VERUSTM, ZEUSTM series products running current software. 

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