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Your Guide to Snap-on® Diagnostic Health Scan Reports

What is a Snap-on® Diagnostic Health Scan? 

For many years, Snap-on® diagnostic scan tools have allowed technicians to perform pre-and post-scans on vehicles, enabling them to scan all codes across all vehicle systems with a single touch and then see the results on a comprehensive report. With the latest Snap-on® diagnostic software, this capability is further enhanced through a feature called the Diagnostic Health Scan. 

The Diagnostic Health Scan provides the same comprehensive full system scan, but now it provides results in a customer-friendly report with an improved, easily understandable overview that explains the vehicle's condition and identifies potential issues in a simple manner. This report is reduced from a full pre-and post-scan report to a report that can be conveniently shared in person or sent digitally (via text or email) through the Snap-on® Cloud

What does the Snap-on® Health Scan consist of? 

The Snap-on® Health Scan includes an analysis of the vehicle's available systems, including Global OBD-II codes and Readiness Monitors, offering a customer consumable vehicle systems state overview.  

Technicians looking for a more complete view of all systems utilize the pre- and post-scan functionality before and after conducting repairs to gain valuable insights into the vehicle's condition. These reports are more detailed and provide a fuller understanding of the vehicles' current state. 



What are the benefits of running a Diagnostic Health Scan? 

Running a Health Scan provides assurance to a vehicle owner of the vehicle’s state before and after repairs. Since numerous vehicle systems may not display issues through warning lights or by displaying a message on the Diagnostic Information Center of the vehicle, the Health Scan becomes essential in detecting hidden problems.  

By presenting customers with the health-scan report, technicians can show customers existing issues, and once the vehicle is repaired, can demonstrate the effectiveness of the repairs. Additionally, copies of these reports can be shared with customers for their personal records and with insurance companies as supporting documentation. 


When should I use it? 

Following best practices, it is recommended to conduct a health scan before beginning any work. This informs the customer of all issues and demonstrates the shop's transparency in its recommendations. After completing the repair, perform a post-scan to confirm it was fixed properly. And remember, pre- and post-scan reports are mandated by the manufacturers for collision work and by some insurance companies as well. 


How do I access the Diagnostic Health Scan Report? 

Snap-on® offers a user-friendly approach to saving and sharing reports. To access the Diagnostic Health Scan Report, technicians should navigate to the "code scan" section on the scan tool, here you’ll see an option labeled "Diagnostic Health Scan."  

This scan examines all available vehicle systems for potential issues and presents any relevant codes to the technician. The report is automatically stored in two locations: 1) the Snap-on® Cloud, accessible anytime through a phone or computer with Wi-Fi connectivity; and 2) directly on the scan tool. The report is conveniently available as a PDF within the attachments section of the corresponding vehicle record.  

The Snap-on® Cloud is part of the latest diagnostic software release, discover the powerful functionality it brings to your tool here.


Diagnostic Quick Tip – Diagnostic Health Scan Overview 

Watch the video featuring Jason Gabrenas, a Snap-on® National Field Trainer, for a comprehensive, step-by-step demonstration of the Snap-on® Diagnostic Health Scan.