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An Introduction to Snap-on® Cloud:

When it comes to diagnosing issues on modern vehicles, diagnostic tools play a crucial role in uncovering hidden complexities under the hood. This article explores Snap-on® Cloud Service, an integral feature on your tool when using the latest diagnostic software release. It transforms how technicians interact with customers and insurance companies to manage reports, images and diagnostic data.

Understanding the Snap-on® Cloud Service:

At its core, Snap-on® Cloud streamlines diagnostics by facilitating easy file generation and sharing directly from your scan tool, enhancing both workflow and customer engagement. It requires the latest Snap-on® diagnostic software for uploading new content, but retains access to existing files infinitely. 

Performing a pre-repair scan can find hidden issues and make sure customers are aware of problems before any work is carried out, while a post-repair scan confirms the fix after the repair. With the latest Snap-on® diagnostic software, this feature is further enhanced with Diagnostic Health Scan reports. These reports provide a comprehensive full system scan and present the results in a clear, customer-friendly report. This report outlines the vehicle's condition, identifies issues, and verifies fixes post-repair, providing customers with extra reassurance. 

Vehicle System Reports for pre-scans and post-scans on supported platforms* can be automatically uploaded to Snap-on® Cloud. 

A Comprehensive Solution for Documenting and Sharing Diagnostic Data: Snap-on® Cloud offers a seamless solution for documenting and sharing reports, images and diagnostic data. With the latest Snap-on® diagnostic software on tools*, technicians can effortlessly capture screenshots and synchronize pre-scan and post-scan vehicle system reports. 

Files: The integrated cameras in ZEUS+, ZEUS, VERUS Edge, and Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite allow direct syncing of image captures and screenshots to Snap-on® Cloud. This integration securely documents all diagnostic data, including pre-scans, post-scans, and detailed images, ensuring easy sharing and access across internet-enabled devices including laptops, desktops, mobile phones, or tablets. 

Snap-on® Cloud Service represents a significant advancement in modern vehicle diagnostics, transforming how technicians better manage diagnostic data to interact with customers and insurance companies. By simplifying file creation, sharing, and storage directly from diagnostic tools, Snap-on® Cloud enhances workflows and improves customer engagement.  

This service ensures efficient pre- and post-repair scans, along with comprehensive Diagnostic Health Scan reports that provide clear, customer-friendly insights into vehicle conditions. With seamless integration across devices and robust cybersecurity, Snap-on® Cloud is a powerful feature that helps you to focus on delivering superior service and providing transparent, informed communication. 

Organization: Organizing files is straightforward, with automatic tagging by VIN, year, make, model, and engine. Images can be marked as ‘known good view’ or ‘known bad/suspect view’, and files can be tagged with custom keywords for efficient retrieval when you need them. 

You can add up to 20 contacts to your Snap-on® Cloud Service, facilitating collaborative access and communication within your shop, with the ability to share files directly with customers via text or email. Permanent file links can also be created for integration with other services you may use, including webmail or workshop management software.  

Snap-on® Cloud Key Benefits: 

Improved Communication: Real-time access to diagnostic files via Snap-on® Cloud facilitates effective communication between technicians, peers, customers, and insurance companies. It enables timely updates and informed decisions about vehicle maintenance and repairs, encouraging transparency and customer trust throughout the diagnostic and repair process.  

Streamlined Workflow: Secure cloud storage eliminates manual transfers, ensuring seamless access to reports, pre-scans, post-scans, and other critical diagnostics data from any device when you need it. Sharing diagnostic data digitally can expedite the job review and approval process. Technicians can effectively demonstrate the urgency of any necessary repairs, securing job approvals faster and expediting the overall service workflow.  

This enhances efficiency and allows you to focus more on what you do best, diagnosing and repairing vehicles.

Top Reason to Keep Your Diagnostic Software Up to Date: 

It is important to emphasize that keeping the diagnostic software up to date is essential to giving you full access to Snap-on® diagnostic tool capabilities, including exclusive Snap-on® diagnostic features: 

Ensure your software is up to date for efficient diagnosis and repair, enhanced service capabilities, and maximized workshop productivity. Speak to your Snap-on® Franchisee or sales representative for more information on the latest diagnostic software release, or click the link below. 

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*Full access to Snap-on® Cloud services is available with current software for ZEUS+™, ZEUS®, VERUS® Edge, TRITON-D10™, TRITON-D8®, APOLLO-D9™, APOLLO-D8™, MODIS Edge™, SOLUS+™, SOLUS Legend™, and SOLUS Edge™.