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An Introduction to FAST-TRACK® Guided Component Tests

When it comes to diagnosing issues on modern vehicles, diagnostic tools play a pivotal role in unveiling the mysteries hidden beneath the hood. In this article, we'll delve into FAST-TRACK® Guided Component Tests, an exclusive feature available within the latest Snap-on® Diagnostic Software Release. 


What is FAST-TRACK® Guided Component Tests? 

FAST-TRACK® Guided Component Tests takes oscilloscope testing of individual electrical components or circuits to the next level. It provides you with vehicle-specific, visually illustrated test procedures which show you exactly where to connect, how to connect, and what the results should look like, streamlining the whole diagnostic process. There are over 7 million tests available, and each test includes guidance that offers exclusive “on the job training”, giving you everything you need to get the job right the first time! 

The primary advantage of component testing is its ability to give techs increased confidence and certainty in their diagnosis and eliminate unnecessary parts replacement. This proactive approach eliminates costly misdiagnosis, which can lead to comebacks and customer dissatisfaction. 


Why do you need FAST-TRACK® Guided Component Tests? 

Think of  FAST-TRACK® Guided Component Tests as the missing piece of the puzzle that helps you find the cause behind the effect. Snap-on exclusively offers FAST-TRACK® Guided Component Tests as part of the latest software release to help you quickly and confidently get to the root cause of the problem. 

Diagnostic scanners provide valuable information, for example - input signals flow into the vehicle's PCM (Powertrain Control Module), where they are processed and sent to your scan tool, presenting it as data stream. If you rely on scanner data alone, it means you're only exploring half of the equation – the scanner shows the effects of vehicle’s issues, and for every effect, there is a cause, and to identify root cause is where  component testing becomes indispensable. 

In a Snap-on® tool that offers FAST-TRACK® Guided Component Tests, you can access all the necessary information you need to identify, test and verify component or circuit failures, quickly and efficiently, streamlining your workflow and gives you greater certainty before ordering replacement parts. 



Guided Component Testing Identifies a Failure 

Component testing identifies failure, somewhere in the circuit including the component. This typically falls into three categories: 

1. Open 

  • No voltage reaching a component. 
  • Opening in the wire feeding the component. 
  • Voltage at the component, but no voltage to the computer (possibly due to an open in the circuit) so we would check both ends of the circuit to ensure there wasn’t an open anywhere.

2. Short 

  • Excessive voltage, example receiving 12 volts instead of the expected 5 volts, due to a short to another high-voltage wire. 
  • Insufficient voltage, caused by a short to ground, leading to a loss of voltage. 

3. Resistance 

  • Resistance due to corrosion, leading to a voltage drop. 
  • Damaged wires, especially in multi-strand copper wires, which may still show continuity but cannot pass sufficient amperage due to the resistance. 



Verification gives you certainty in your diagnosis 

If you suspect a component is faulty, then testing it becomes a crucial step, if it proves defective, you'll have confidence in ordering a replacement. After installation, and before the vehicle leaves your shop, you should verify two critical points: first, whether the new part resolves the issue, and second, to ensure the replacement part wasn’t faulty out of the box (which occurs more frequently than one might anticipate). By verifying both the initial failure and the effectiveness of the fix, you not only minimize the likelihood of return visits, but also speed up the repair process. This is precisely why FAST-TRACK® Guided Component Tests prove indispensable. 



How is FAST-TRACK® Guided Component Tests Different? 

The FAST-TRACK® Guided Component Test feature is a Snap-on® exclusive that equips you with all the relevant information, guidance and on the job training you need to identify the cause of issue. Guided component testing takes the scope and other meters that make up component testing and make it simple for techs to use. This approach streamlines the process of component testing, resulting in improved diagnostic speed and accuracy, making it an essential feature for techs seeking a more efficient and effective approach to troubleshooting, component testing and verification. 

To learn more, check out the video below featuring the Live Training Episode on FAST-TRACK® Guided Component Testing, with Jason Gabrenas. 

FAST-TRACK® Guided Component Testing is available on: ZEUS® and TRITON® series products as well as MODIS® Edge and VERUS® Edge products running current software.  


Snap-on Live Training Epsiode 71 - Guided Component Tests