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Repair Trucks Faster

Complete service information for Class 4-8 trucks is just a few clicks away.

You’re really that close to all the information you need to diagnose, estimate and repair commercial trucks more efficiently and profitably.

The TruckSeries software provides commercial truck service professionals with the fastest, most complete and accurate solutions for every stage of the repair process. We’ve packaged all our industry-leading estimating, diagnostic trouble code and repair information for medium and heavy trucks into a single application — so the information you need is always just a few mouse clicks away. 

If you’ve ever had to make an educated guess when estimating or repairing a commercial truck, you probably know the frustration of going down the wrong path on a repair. In the fast-paced trucking industry, every minute counts. The easy-to-use software guides you all the way from the correct diagnosis to an accurate labor estimate and completed repair, so you can work more efficiently and eliminate guesswork.

See how you can work more efficiently with industry-leading diagnostic, repair information and labor estimating tools, all accessible from a single login.


It’s the only comprehensive repair information software suite of its kind available for Class 4-8 trucks, giving you a one-stop, single login, all-makes data resource with enhanced wiring diagrams, digital pictures, DTC-to-diagnostics, and so much more – all delivered in seconds.

Repair Information

With our exclusive, best-in-class repair information for Class 4-8 trucks, you’ll find the most complete data 
for all makes in one place. This helps you speed up repairs, increase the number of repairs your techs can do, and keep trucks rolling through your bays. You’ll have automatically updated and enhanced information whenever you want it.

1Search Plus

Get search results instantly in a unique user-friendly layout that resembles the apps on a smartphone. The card-based format presents targeted results in specific categories, leading you directly to the information you need.

ADAS – Drive Assist

TruckSeries makes it quick and easy to diagnose, repair and calibrate vehicles equipped with ADAS — Advanced Driver Assistance Systems — features. Simply select a vehicle and click the Driver Assist (ADAS) Quick Link button, and you have immediate access to a table that consolidates all the ADAS information.
Interactive Wiring Diagrams – The powerful wiring diagrams in TruckSeries are built with intelligent navigation that takes you directly to the specific diagram for the component you searched for — with traces automatically highlighted! Interactive features let you click component names in the diagrams to connect directly to complete component information. It’s faster and easier than ever to find the exact wiring diagram and related data needed for an efficient and accurate diagnosis.

Component Photos

Take the guesswork out of your next job with full-color, high resolution pictures of components, connector views and locations. 


With TruckSeries there is no more hunting around for specifications separately —torque specs are always available for your current vehicle lookup.

Connector Views

Authentic connector views with pin-outs are photographed at the source, allowing you to quickly and accurately pinpoint the circuit test and correctly diagnose the problem.

Diagnostic Trouble Code Procedures

Go from trouble code to diagnostics in 30 seconds or less, and dig right into the repair with the Trouble Code Procedures module in TruckSeries. Log in, choose your vehicle or enter a VIN, select your DTC and you’ve got instant access to our comprehensive diagnostic trouble code procedure information, including:

  • Descriptions and specifications
  • Full-color, “intelligent” wiring diagrams
  • Plate-to-VIN lookup
  • Connector views with pin-outs
  • High resolution component location photos
  • Engine, transmission and brake coverage
  • Testing steps & procedures
  • Removal & Installation

The Trouble Code Procedures module is included with TruckSeries, and is also available as a stand-alone option.

Labor Estimating

Take the guesswork out of writing estimates with the industry’s first comprehensive labor time estimating software that provides reliable, standardized mechanical labor times for all makes and models of Class 4-8 trucks. With TruckSeries labor estimating, you’ll find everything you need in a single application to accurately estimate a job, so you can write estimates faster and easier than ever before:

  • Standardized labor times
  • Coverage from 1990 forward
  • Customizable - modify labor rates for different customer types or service operations
  • Automatic updates for labor time data
  • Streamlined navigation to reduce clicks and speed lookups and estimates

Labor Estimating is included with TruckSeries, and is also available as a stand-alone option.