Software Upgrade Options

Avoid Gaps in Coverage and Get All New Features

It is more than just keeping coverage up-to-date, but also enhancing features and capabilities to maximize your diagnostic tool investment, powering up the tool’s performance so that it is even better than the day you bought it.

There is a software option for everyone guaranteeing that your tool can be updated always to diagnose problems quickly, driving you to power on confidently through the toughest repairs.

Intelligent Diagnostics Prepaid Plans¹

These plans include complete data services, domestic, Asian and European coverage, SureTrack® and online upgrades

  • One (1) Year Plan available for ZEUS®, TRITON-D8®, APOLLO-D8
  • ZEUS Three (3) Year Plan offers prepaid plan services and coverage, plus a one (1) year extended warranty
Software Subscription Program

Continuous software upgrades supply domestic, Asian and optional European coverage, plus SureTrack and online software upgrades. Intelligent Diagnostics-enabled products receive complete data services

Single Software Upgrade

Six (6) months of domestic, Asian and optional European coverage, plus SureTrack

† ZEUS® only Intelligent Diagnostics Prepaid 3- and 1-year plans; TRITON-D8® and APOLLO-D8™ 1-year plans
* Tools with European coverage

For more information about eligibility and pricing, contact a participating Snap-on Franchisee or other sales representative or go to our pricing page.

¹ Access to Intelligent Diagnostics software requires an applicable software agreement.
² SureTrack is fully integrated into ZEUS®, VERUS® Edge and VERUS PRO available with current software. SureTrack is available with current software on TRITON-D8®, APOLLO-D8™, MODIS Edge™, MODIS Ultra™, SOLUS Legend™, and SOLUS Edge™.

Watch this 1 minute video to see how easy it is to perform a software upgrade for your subscribed APOLLO-D8™, TRITON-D8®, MODIS™, SOLUS™, P1000™ or ETHOS® using ShopStream Connect™

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