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Quick Tip: ShopStream Connect™ - Software Updates

Applies To: ETHOS® Plus, ETHOS® PRO, ETHOS® Tech, MODIS Edge™, MODIS Ultra™, P1000™, SOLUS Edge™, SOLUS Ultra®, Vantage® PRO, VANTAGE® Ultra

One of the huge time-savers that is available with modern technology is the ability to upgrade your scan tool software over the internet.  In this Diagnostic Quick Tip, National Field Trainer Jason Gabrenas shows you how to use the free ShopStream-Connect software to upgrade the software on your scan tool.



One of the nice things that ShopStream Connect allows you to do is you can update your tool using the ShopStream Connect software.

What it does is it connects to the internet and if your tool has an update available for it, it'll download it.

That could be a service release that might come out periodically, it could be if your tool is on the software subscription program, or if you have an ETHOS Tech.

Let me walk through how we're going to hook this tool up and download the software.

I already have the ETHOS Tech hooked up here with a USB cord and you see it's already coming up on the screen. So all I've do is go up to the Tools menu here and go to Update Software and then find my ETHOS Tech and it will now check for updates.

It's going to go out to the internet, check the server, see if there is an update available for the unit and it should report back.

There is an update available and it's strongly recommended that you download and install the update.

So to download the update, click Download, here it goes, and it'll come in over the internet and it'll download to a computer first. When it's completed downloading you can just click Install and it'll install it on the tool.

Once it's finished, it comes up with a box that says 'Please disconnect your device and reboot to finish the update', so let's do that. We'll hit Finish there and then we'll disconnect, it'll reboot. Okay.

When it's ready it says to just press the check mark to restart. That'll be the S button here so we'll just press that and it should restart it again, and we'll be all up to date. One more time to restart and that'll just verify the license there.

And there we go. All up to date with a pretty simple, easy procedure you can do yourself right in your shop.

Last Updated: May 27, 2020

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