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The ADAS Recalibration Report

ADAS Recalibration Report

Meet the ADAS Recalibration Report, the handy companion report to Pre- and Post-scan reports. The ADAS Recalibration Report is used to show complete recalibration for one or many systems.

The ADAS Recalibration Report supplies a summary of the work carried out giving the next level of explanation to your customers and insurance companies. It identifies the vehicle, the system and date of recalibration. It also provides space to fill in input values and detailed results.

Used in tandem with the Pre- and Post-scan reports, it creates a holistic summary of the complete repair.

The report is linked with the vehicle job and if you're on the latest software and have Wi-Fi you can sync it to the Snap-on Cloud to share by text or email with customers and others.

The ADAS Recalibration Report is available on:
ZEUS®, TRITON-D8®, APOLLO-D9™, APOLLO-D8™, VERUS® Edge, MODIS™ Series, SOLUS Legend™ and SOLUS Edge™.