Snap-on Industrial Certification

cushion throat pliers

the cutting edge of
cutting edges.

Our Vector Edge is cutting edge. It’s tightly toleranced and induction hardened, with parallel cutting edges engineered to provide repeated cuts of hard wire, soft wire, spring steel and cable ties – at all locations along the blade..


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the finer points of our pliers.

Because no two operations done by hand are exactly alike – and because edges that come to a sharp point wear over time – the flat cutting surface is wider near the back of the jaw (where most leverage is needed) and tapers to a hair’s width near the tip (where fine cuts are needed).

In addition, our precision manufacturing eliminates variables and a new, flat cutting surface distributes load more evenly. Superior technology means superior durability: cut through wires thousands of times, and the pliers will remain aligned.


cusHion throat pliers

Want to prevent wires from falling? These pliers provide an FOD cushion – literally.And when you know the wire won’t fall out, that’s some peace of mind.

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