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cordless ratchet


freedom to fasten.

Our cordless ratchet is number one in strength, speed, and durability - perfect for disassembly and assembly of panels, trim, and everything related.  It allows you to loosen tough bolts fast, with hose-free handling that won't leave you furious.



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The Cushion grip handle of our cordless ratchet gives you the positive tool control you need - and, helps you work fatigue-free.

cordless ratchet features


We integrated an LED Battery "Fuel Gauge" into the handle so you can avoid being on "E".


By getting rid of the cord, our ratchets let you go anywhere.  And with an integrated LED headlight, that includes dark places, too.


Precision and control is now at your fingertips with our cordless ratchet's digital variable speed trigger.



cordless ratchet

Catch an overload error before it brings work to a halt with our cordless ratchet's built-in brake that stops the tool from throwing sockets and fasteners.

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