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bucking bars


on the smooth side.

On the surface, Snap-on bucking bars may look highly polished.  Well that's because they are.  All bucking surfaces are polished to a minimum 63 finish to protect the rivet stem and insure the perfect bucked rivet.  So scratches are scratched off your list and riveting becomes a smooth ride.



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one tool where
we cut corners.

How do you take the edge off trying to avoid scratches and material fatigue?  By taking the edge off.  Rounding the sides on our bucking bars enables Snap-on to protect the materials' surfaces, prevent scratching, and ease fatigue on certain areas of the aircraft - avoiding skin damage to aircraft. 



bucking bars

When it gets down to brass tacks, the metal matters. Which is why we offer bucking bars made from either steel or tungsten.  With over 140 different configurations to choose from, Snap-on’s steel bucking bars selection won’t crack (or scratch) under pressure.  And if your work requires riveting in tight, obstructed areas, Snap-on’s tungsten bars offer just the right size to reach those tight areas and material density to minimize vibration.


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