when every tool
stays on the radar,
so does every flight.

Snap-on’s integrated tool control systems are like air traffic controllers for your tools: they help keep track of your entire inventory. From tethered tools that reduce potentially catastrophic FOD, to our industry-leading Level 5 Total Asset Management System, Snap-on tool control programs give you the control advantage that other products just can’t keep up with – which lets you safeguard what matters.



automated tool control


not just tool control.
Total control.

FOD isn’t just dangerous – it’s costly, accounting for over a billion in annual damages.
You need a system that takes tool control to a whole new level: Level 5.

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Strong. Tough. Invulnerable. That’s the Bulk Storage Cage, from Snap-on. With a split personality that offers both maximum security and easy, controlled access, techs can easily store tools, remove tools, and evaluate inventory. With that kind of versatility, our Bulk Storage Cage is one monster of a product. 

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dog boxes

our dog boxes.
a tech's best friend.

Load up tools for any task and our Dog Box stays comfortably on your heels. From tarmac to terminal, hangar to plane, Snap-on’s new rolling toolboxes obey your every command, making it easy to take your tools wherever they need to go.

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