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Check the Specs: Snap-on tools deliver power - and lots of it.  But power is nothing without performance.  That's why we build comfort, reliability, and durability into every power tool we make.  It sets us apart from the rest, and sets you up for successfully completed jobs.  Every time.  If you're looking for a powerful ally in the hangar, you've come to the right place.


right angle die grinder

this right angle makes
sure nothing's left.

As an aviation tech, the last thing you want is a difficult grinding project that keeps you grounded. With the Right Angle Die Grinder, nothing will stand in your way of removing virtually any material – with ease, and professional results.

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air drill

what comes in round
comes out round.

Every aviation technician knows the ins and outs of drilling. So make sure each hole is perfectly round and consistent every time with the Snap-on Air Drill. It’s designed with technology that keeps our drill bits from wobbling – meaning no run out. And you get perfect holes that allow everything to fit together exactly as it should.

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Cordless screwdriver

no job too large.
no space too small.

Airplanes never have much legroom. And they don’t have much arm or body room either – especially when you’re working on them.  Fortunately, our Cordless Screwdriver is compact enough to fit in even the smallest spaces, yet powerful enough to do the biggest jobs.  And, when you’re putting in thousands of screws, its light weight takes a real load off.

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air ratchet


the reason they're called "power" tools.


At Snap-on, it's true: big things do come in small packages.  Our Air Ratchet delivers that rare combination of minimal size and weight, with maximum torque and power.  Not to mention the high quality components we built it with to give it a longer tool life. Because when you need a tool to come up big, sometimes it's better to go small.



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cordless ratchet

cutting the cord.

Speed, control, and power: these are the features you need in a power tool. Now add quality, strength, durability – subtract a cord and air hose – and you have everything you want in a ratchet.  That’s exactly what the Snap-on Cordless Ratchet brings to the worktable.

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