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Hand tool identification and safety certifications

The Snap-on Hand Tool Identification and Safety Certification is designed to introduce tech students to hand tools used in today's critical industries. The curriculum consists of the identification, safety, and usage of common hand tools. Tech students receive the TOOLS FOR LIFE they need for safe and successful careers in automotive, aviation, manufacturing, power generation and building maintenance. 

Proper use of hand tools starts with identification. Snap-on and NC3 combined their industrial experience and expertise to create a certification that includes hands-on training with the hand tools that are vital to transportation, engineering, manufacturing, aviation, power generation, and natural resources, and many more. Those who earn this certification will be proficient in the safe use of a variety of hand tools.


Certifications Offered:
Hand Tool Identification and Safety

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course content includes:

• Tool Identification
Identification of the primary categories of hand tools

•  Safety
Rules and tips for the safe use of hand tools

• Usage
How to properly use and maintain hand tools



The curriculum includes knowledge checks, lab sheets, videos, and demonstration props.



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Relevant Industry Certifications

Students earn Snap on S-Tech certifications as proof of achievement. These NC3-backed, stackable credentials increase employment potential and on-the-job productivity in industries such as:

• Automotive

• Aviation

• Energy

• Manufacturing

• Building Trade Industries



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