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air ratchet


the reason they're called "power" tools.


At Snap-on, it's true: big things do come in small packages.  Our Air Ratchet delivers that rare combination of minimal size and weight, with maximum torque and power.  Not to mention the high quality components we built it with to give it a longer tool life. Because when you need a tool to come up big, sometimes it's better to go small.



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suited with armor.

Another first was to make it last - by giving it hard-coated motor plates to help prevent scoring.  It makes for longer tool life and improved rotor vanes, greater power, and high-pressure performance in low-pressure environments.

SKU #FAR2500

air ratchet

Finding a company who makes air ratchets is rare.  Even more rare is a company who makes one with the power, speed, lightweight feel, and long-lasting life that only comes from Snap-on.

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