Snap-on Industrial Certification

specialty ADVANTAGE


A number of things set Snap-on apart – and one is innovative design. Our tools are designed to precise heat treatment specs, and built to perform beyond industry inspection standards. The most extensive product line in the business includes every tool imaginable for drilling, countersinking, riveting, bucking procedures, and more. And, if you don’t find what you need, here’s one more innovation: our staff of experts will create a custom tool solution to meet your specific needs. For safe, functional, cost-effective airframe maintenance and repair tools, see the specialists: Snap-on. 



your go-to for microstops.

At Snap-on, we go to great lengths to make sure our microstops provide you with the most accurate depth in the industry.  When extreme precision is an absolute necessity, our microstops fill the bill - and ensure that the fasteners fill the countersunk holes completely.

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the hole story
on countersinks.

When you're forming the holes for fasteners, you need a countersinking tool that cuts precisely.  That's why Snap-on countersinks are ground on center.  This process maintains concentricity (precision), which is crucial in creating perfect hole for rivets.  Every time.

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rivet sets


stress relief for airframes.



There's no doubt about it: damaged rivets create a lot of stress - for you and the airframe.  Compromised rivets cause airframe fatigue, and that means flights could be compromised as well.  Snap-on rivet sets chamfer the end cups of rivets, and put a radius on them.  And smooth rivets lead to smooth sailing in the skies.  For stress-free riveting in every way, It's Snap-on.

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bucking bars

for skin protection
use our bars.

As every tech knows, sharp-edged bucking bars can cause skin damage.  And that looks bad for everyone.  That's why Snap-on bucking bars are made with rounder radius edges, and highly polished surfaces that eliminate scratching.  It all adds up to less man-hours, a more efficient workplace and safer flights.

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hi-lok® tools

your key to easy access.

Looking for easy access to installations and removals in tight spaces?  Then say hello to Hi-Lok®.  This tool series puts you right in the thick of things when the tolerances are thin.  With fastener collars that shear off when they read required torque, roller clutch wrenches that don't need teeth to engage, and more.  The key to making tight fits in tight-fitting spaces?  That would be Hi-Lok®.

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mastic removal


a fine line of mastic removal.

Mastic removal requires precision: the tools must be strong enough to remove the mastic, yet exact enough to avoid costly damage to the airframe.  With that in mind, no one offers a finer line of mastic removal tools than Snap-on.  From removal kits to individual hand tools, our unrivaled breadth of products are designed to meet any application, offer more configurations, and get the job right.


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