You're looking for ways to advance the technical training of your students. You want your school to stand out as a leader in education. Snap-on certifications can help you expand the professional expertise of your students and the expert reputation of your school.

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For technical education programs at all levels, Snap-on is the vital link to STEM curriculum development, hands-on training and professional success. Snap-on Certification Program gives students and schools the advanced skills they need to participate and thrive in the economy of the future.

Partnering with Snap-on connects your school to education, employment and technology trends developing globally and close to home. Your students and school benefit directly from experience and insight gained by Snap-on. Students receive up-to-the-minute training based on the needs of companies local and worldwide.




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“We must recognize technical careers as what they have always been — the building blocks of American prosperity. It is imperative that we enlist our young people in those technical careers as a national calling, and we must embrace technical education… the wellspring of those professions… as a national priority.

” - Nick Pinchuk, Chairman and CEO, Snap-on Incorporated

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55,000+ students with at least one certification

381 active partner schools

33 certifications offered across 10 major categories

1578 instructors certified in at least one category

More than 85,030 certifications issued to students







"Our students are employed straight out of school."

- Kevin Valentino, Auto Tech Instructor, Sylmar High School

The relationship between Gateway and Snap-on has helped build a new strategy for us at our college, as a way to improve not only the facilities and the programs that we offer, but most importantly the outcomes and experiences of our students. It’s a curriculum change, a faculty innovation model, and most important, it’s a way to help students connect to the real world. Students graduate with unique skill sets. I hear from the industry that students need to perform at high skill levels. We’ve worked with Snap-on to develop a certification program that has gained national recognition.”

- Bryan Albrecht, President, Gateway Technical College

“The response to the program has been very positive; this curriculum offers a great foundation for student careers. They want to complete these certifications. We’ve had a positive response from local shop owners regarding student capabilities from the program.”

- Pete Gregory, Instructor, Pitt Community College


“I don’t think anyone can underestimate the importance of industry and education coming together to send out and put into the workforce a highly trained worker.”

- Clark Coco, Dean of Washburn Institute of Technology.

“I cannot wait to offer my students the chance to become Snap-on certified in Multimeter and Asset Management because of all the really useful information that I will use to become a better instructor.”

- Gayl Beals, Instructor, Grand Rapids Community College

“We were looking for a nationally known partner to raise the bar of our educational offerings, and our students were buying subpar tools. We partnered with Snap-on because we wanted to give our students a ‘leg up’ in their education and career.”

- Bryan Schiedler, Project Manager, Linn-Benton Community College



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