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When you're hammering away at rivets, joining two pieces of structure together, how your tools are put together matters.  Snap-on rivet sets are made with high-grade, shock-resistant steel, and engineered with a blended radius and highly polished cup free of machine marks and ridges.



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a radius that
measures up.

Installing rivets on an aircraft is a highly skilled process. The last thing you want is stress or fatigue- on the rivets or on the aircraft.  Snap-on manufactures its rivet sets with a blended radius between the cup and chamfered end to eliminate the potential of skin damage which causes stress and fatigue.



rivet sets

Solid rivets come in all different shapes and sizes. Snap-on offers a comprehensive list of rivet sets to fit your needs. No matter what size of the rivet head, we have the appropriate rivet set length, cup configuration, and design to do the job.

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