Health & Safety

Snap-on remains committed to non-negotiable product and workplace safety. As a permanent and priority agenda item at all operational meetings, safety comes first in our company. Our products are engineered for safe operation, we initiate and maintain a safe workplace, and we diligently comply with the company's safety programs.

We invest in our safety culture and in elevating the importance of worker and product safety throughout all levels of the organization:

  • Global safety results are communicated monthly. These communications highlight safety data and best practices, as well as incidents and lessons learned. This information is reinforced at monthly Safety Managers meetings.
  • Every quarter, Management conducts a review of operations, including safety and other risk factors. Safety is also included as a topic in Management monthly updates.
  • Annually, the Board is presented with a progress report on safety. In addition, Snap-on’s Safety Directors for Europe and Asia tour U.S. plants and review safety programs, policies, procedures, and processes.

Every Snap-on associate is held accountable for ensuring safe behaviors and safe operations. We are proud that through these efforts and a concerted focus on developing a strong safety culture, we continue to see dramatic improvements in Snap-on’s recordable incident rate. Our incident rate was 1.16 in 2023, as compared to 14.40 in 2004.