Sustainability Commitment

Snap-on is committed to continuous improvement in the areas of environment, health & safety (EH&S); quality; social responsibility; customer connection; and innovation. We are committed to non-negotiable product and workplace safety.

We strive to protect environmental quality and human welfare in our workplace and our surrounding communities and to implement environmentally sound policies designed to prevent, mitigate, and reduce the impact on the environment or the communities in which we operate.

We believe that setting and attaining environmental goals, as part of our daily operations, can and should promote our economic health and operational growth, and as such, should help to safeguard natural resources and the environment. 

Our EH&S commitment reaches into all aspects of our operations, product development and supply chain, all of which is intended to promote sustainability.

Snap-on Value Creation
Principles and Processes We Apply to Create Value

Founded on our mission and beliefs, these are strategic processes we use daily
to create value across Snap-on, with the strategic partners we embrace and in the acquisitions we make. 


Our commitment to safety is unwavering. Over the past decade, we have achieved a significant reduction in our safety incident rate and we will continue our emphasis on safety as we move forward.


The serious professionals who use our productivity solutions demand superior quality. For almost 100 years, Snap-on has been providing just that. Automotive technicians continue to rate Snap‐on as the best brand in major product categories.

Customer Connection

Through our legions of mobile stores, direct sales forces and distributors, we make daily contacts with thousands of professionals in their workplaces across the globe. Each of these contacts represents an opportunity to understand in depth our customers’ wants and needs, which we believe provides Snap‐on with an important strategic advantage.


We thrive on innovation. Our customer connection processes help us understand the needs of our customers, and our innovation practices and processes translate these insights into productivity solutions that make work easier for professionals.

Continuous Improvement (RCI)

We apply a structured set of tools and processes to eliminate waste and improve our operations. RCI has been critical to our operating income improvements and will continue to be an important component in our progress going forward.

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  Economic Sustainability

Snap-on is committed to creating high quality products, while providing a safe and healthy workplace, and to acting as an environmentally responsible neighbor.

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Snap-on believes in preserving the environment. We are committed, as a part of our daily operations, to safeguarding natural resources and the environment.

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  Social Responsibility

Snap-on is committed to conducting business and making decisions honestly, ethically, fairly and within the law. We are also dedicated to earning and keeping the trust and confidence of our shareholders, customers, Franchisees, distributors and associates. This trust and confidence is critical to the continued success of our company. 

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