Chairman & CEO Message

Snap-on makes work easier for serious professionals. For over 100 years, we’ve developed advantages in our products, our brands, and our people to serve the working men and women who perform the most critical of tasks where the penalties for failure are high.  

Snap-on is rooted in the dignity of work. We connect with our customers, developing further advantages in our products, meeting the needs of rapidly changing workplaces. We enable the makers and fixers who perform day in and day out to move the world forward.

Since our founding in 1920, our principal value-creating mechanism has been to observe work, translate the insights gained, and create solutions that make essential tasks easier.  Opportunities to leverage this approach, both within and beyond vehicle repair, are embodied in our runways for growth:  enhance the franchise network; expand with repair shop owners and managers; extend to critical industries, and build in emerging markets. We continue to invest in each of these strategically decisive areas to position Snap-on for continuing growth, increasing profitability, and ongoing prosperity for years to come.  

Through our Snap-on Value Creation Processes, a suite of principles we use every day, we remain committed to the areas of safety, quality, customer connection, innovation, and rapid continuous improvement (RCI). Since it was established in 2005, Snap-on’s RCI framework, a structured set of tools and processes used across the company to eliminate waste and improve operations, has contributed to significant improvements in our operation margin.

As we turn to the opportunities of our future, we expect to further our journey along our runways for both growth and improvement. We will maintain and expand our ongoing advantages in our products, our brands, and our people. We will leverage our Snap-on Value Creation Processes, creating productivity and efficiency. We will maintain our responsibility to our communities by pursuing gains in the environmental, social, and governance arenas. We will remain deeply dedicated to honoring and celebrating the dignity of work, providing the makers and the fixers with the innovative solutions to solve their critical tasks. And, we will endeavor with great emphasis to maintain the Snap-on brand as the visible sign of the pride working men and women take in their special contributions that advance our society. I thank our franchisees and associates across the globe for their dedication and contributions, and our customers and shareholders for their confidence and commitment.    

Nicholas T. Pinchuk
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Snap-on Incorporated