Productivity Solutions

In 1920, Snap-on started with a spark...and that spark was an idea…to take five handles of different configurations and ten sockets of varying dimensions and fashion them to “Snap-on” to each other interchangeably. It was a brilliant invention that revolutionized professional tool sets across the industry. And that concept of innovation has echoed down through the decades.

Today, the principle value-creating mechanism for Snap-on is our ability to understand work and to transform resulting insights into new and better solutions for our customers. We do this by:

  • Observing the work being done by the end-user in the workplace
  • Applying those observations to conceive and create new ideas
  • Taking raw materials into our plants & applying our engineering expertise to build new products
  • Delivering those solutions directly into the hands of the end-user

This vertical integration and unique touch with customers in their place of work is what differentiates Snap-on from many other manufacturers.

View some of the most important innovations we’ve delivered to professionals.

Precision & Performance

There are hundreds of vehicle models in operation today, not to mention all sizes and configurations of trucks, aircraft and heavy-duty equipment. Each is engineered and manufactured with an increasing array of materials to ever tightening specifications. And even one vehicle can be driven by multiple computer systems generating thousands of computer codes. Servicing these complex machines requires a sophisticated breadth and depth of precision solutions that perform in all environments.


With more than 80,000 SKUs, Snap-on offers an unmatched breadth of products and complementary services grouped into three product categories:

Tools (hand tools, power tools and tool storage products)

Besides our iconic wrenches, sockets, power tools, and tool storage units, Snap-on has pioneered countless tool innovations including:

  • Low profile ratchet sets
  • Precision aviation drills
  • EPIQ PowerDrawer roll cabs
  • Bahco Ergo Management Tool Systems (BETMS)

For many industrial customers, Snap-on creates specific, engineered solutions, including facility-level tool control and asset management hardware and software. 

Diagnostics and Repair Information

Snap-on has been a leader in handheld diagnostics since the first vehicle onboard computer controlled systems. One of our latest innovations is the ZEUS™ diagnostics platform that includes SureTrack® expert information with guided tests to eliminate guesswork.

The diagnostics and repair information product category includes:

  • Handheld and PC-based diagnostic platforms
  • Service and repair information products
  • A range of software and business and facility management solutions


The equipment product category includes solutions for the diagnosis and service of vehicles and industrial equipment. Our precision wheel alignment equipment uses advanced XD cameras and sophisticated algorithm monitoring to detect complex suspension problems.

Products include:

  • Undercar service and collision repair equipment
  • Air conditioning, brake, battery and fluid management systems 


In a complex world, one size does not fit all. Product offerings at Snap-on go deep.

  • There are more than 100 different ratchet models available to cover every ratcheting need.
  • In sockets, Snap-on offers over 3,500 different sizes and configurations ranging in size from 1/8" to 8" and weighing from mere ounces to 90 pounds. 
  • Our mass of big data is unmatched in the industry. Gleaned from more than 1 billion real-life repair records, this powerful database is integrated into our various diagnostics platforms and processes.

Snap-on is committed to conceiving and creating the innovations that make work easier for professionals performing critical tasks of consequence around the world, and delivering them direct to those end-users.